Friday, May 22, 2009

Gifts received and sent

I have been having a fantastic time with Hilary Rice, a quilter from Newfoundland, who is teaching at our guild for 2 days. I have waited a long time (since I found out last year that I could not get into her classes at Quilt Canada, even though I mailed my registration on the very first allowed date) to take a class with her! 
However, my wait is now over and I feel like I have received a creative gift...2 days with Hilary!! Today was a curved piecing class and can you believe I am actually making this?!? Each student received a fabric kit made of beautiful fabrics hand dyed by Hilary. I don't love doing landscapes but I wanted to learn curved piecing, and Hilary made it seem as though it was easy. I hope I can still do it when I am working on it at home!
Tonight we were treated to a slide/trunk show of some of Hilary's amazing quilts, full of curved piecing. Truly inspiring!
Tomorrow is an embellishing class, which is something I really enjoy, and am so excited that I hope I will be able to sleep tonight!
And a surprise gift I sent in the mail has been received, so I can tell you that a while ago I was talking about loving scraps, and fellow blogger Rhonda very generously sent me a box of her scraps.   I was on a roll making these blocks, so I made a mini quilt for Rhonda out of her own scraps and sent it back to her as a 'thank you' for sending me the fabric.
You can see a better photo of the quilt on Rhonda's blog, but this photo shows how I quilted it, even though the colour is way off.  I'm so glad to hear that you liked your surprise Rhonda!


Quilt Rat said...

2 whole days with Hilary? You are a lucky, lucky girl! ENJOY!

Jeanne said...

The mini quilt is very cute. Looking forward to seeing your curved piecing and embellishing, too.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I believe you live in Toronto, as do I, so what guild has sponsored Hilary? I haven't heard anyone mention it, and I belong to Markham Guild, York Heritage and Yorkshire Rose.

Greenmare said...

ooooooooooooo your classes sound great!!! and your little quilted thank you is beautiful! I went over to see it and you are right! the colors are way different. sort of doing it in a differnt colorway just by using your camera! clever you! ;-)

Jean said...

I love her patterns. I bought Horizons Day when in Canada a few years ago to visit my sister. It is a nice way to do applique and really not that hard to do. Course I haven't quite finished the hand quilting on it yet....thanks for the reminder, I had better get it out and finish it. You are so lucky to have the workshop with her!