Friday, May 01, 2009

More about Paducah...

Are you tired of hearing about Paducah yet? I'm not tired of thinking about it or talking about it, so here is some more information you will hopefully enjoy...
I have permission from Jenny Stratton of Checkers Distributors to post the link to this very interesting review of here. You can read about the Kentucky ice storm which resulted in so many trees being damaged, and the trials of coordinating this huge show. 
One of the things that really tickled me in Paducah was how everything was oriented to women...all the washroom signs were changed from "Men" to "Women" in quite creative ways! 
And at Hancocks, the men weren't even allowed to use the indoor washrooms!!

The AQS website has posted photos of all the prize winners and there are over 60 quilts sporting ribbons! Click here to see them. I loved so many of these quilts that I cannot possibly pick a favorite. I particularly enjoyed the miniature quilts, as well as the exquisite quilting, done both by hand and by machine.  And if you really want to learn all the details of the construction of the grand prize "best of show quilt" made by Mariya Waters - click here.
There were also unbelievable quilts at the Quilt Museum, but I haven't been able to find photos of them on the web, and photographs were not allowed. They had the Best of Show quilts from the last 25 years hanging there, and I have never seen anything like those amazing quilts. I loved a quilt from Sharon Schamber called "Sedona Rose". There is a tiny photo of it on her website - click here.  But the photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of this quilt. It is machine quilted in black thread and the backing was a bright yellow, which showed all the quilting, and there were something like 130,000 crystals glued on to the backing which was a sight to behold!
If you would like to read more from other quilt bloggers who were in are a few to keep you busy:


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  2. What a great time you had...only 2 weeks til MQS at KC...I am excited...hope I remember my camera...