Friday, August 29, 2008

Other Creative Pursuits

Unfortunately I haven't done much quilting lately. I look forward to my kids going back to school next week and getting more time in my schedule for quilting.
During the Olympics I did do some stitching and finished my 7th Capricorn Quilts block and am now only 2 blocks behind. If the coverage wasn't so interesting, I'm sure I would have accomplished a lot more!
I did work on some creative culinary projects. I made peach jam with the leftover peaches from the market. It didn't turn out as good as my blueberry rhubarb jam, which my friend Judy calls "Blubarb" jam! This jam was a lot runnier...but does taste good.
I also made a blueberry coffee cake from Tanya's blog. It did not look anything like her cake, since I put almonds on the top (a favorite with my family) but it sure tasted yummy and was eaten up in no time. My family is always so thankful for anything I cook and I wish that I enjoyed it more and would do more of it. But I'd rather be quilting...or holding a baby!
And speaking of babies, a friend and I took a quick road trip to Michigan to see our friend's new baby. I talked about this miracle baby in this post about the baby quilt I made her. And here is baby Laura sleeping so peacefully and I must tell you, as an unbiased honourary Auntie, that she is perfect and absolutely gorgeous!
Here is a picture of me and Laura taken at about 11:30 pm in dark "please go to sleep" lighting, after a 6 hour drive! So I'm not looking real perky, but it reminds me of the hours I spent cuddling and singing...hey, maybe that's why she wasn't sleeping?!?!?!


Julie said...

What a precious baby!

Tanya said...

Your blueberry cake looks much tastier than mine! Aren't blueberries delicious?! Lots of hugs to the baby!

Libby said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing sweeter than a little baby all curled up in sleep. :)
Your peach jam looks so yummy as does your coffee cake.

Sweet P said...

What an adorable young lady! And I do mean both of you!

Sometimes we have to do something other than quilting. Your jam looks yummy!

Greenmare said...

oh she is tooo precious for words!!! and she wanted to stay awake to listen to you, I'm sure of it!
that peach jam sounds like it would be great over vanilla ice cream............