Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finished Miniature Quilt

Ta da! An honest to goodness real life finished quilt! I know that you are probably as surprised as I am, since I tend to get easily distracted before my larger projects are completed! But as with most miniature quilts, I really enjoyed "working" on this one and it was done before I knew it! I toned down the colours a bit so it looks a little less neon on the screen.
All the details...
Inspiration: click here.
Size: The blocks are 3". The quilt finished at 12" x 17".
Quilting: I usually like to do both "stitch in the ditch" and free motion quilting on my quilts, and this was one was no exception. I stitched in the ditches of some of the block seams and then free motion quilted in the sashing using a tiny swirly design that was lots of fun. I took a photo of the sashing quilting with a ruler so you can see how small I had to go.
Then I stitched straight lines every 1/4" on the setting triangles. I was a little worried that with all the heavy quilting in the sashing and the setting triangles, that the blocks would look too puffy, but that didn't happen. I do have a tendency sometimes to get carried away and end up quilting too much!
Embellishments: I beaded some tiny sead beads every 1/4" inch just inside the binding.


  1. Oh, it's wonderful! And beading! Wow!

    Good job!!

  2. I love your colors, and the beading makes me want to run my hands over all its tiny perfection. Just gorgeous.

  3. Congratulations on a great finish Kathy! The quilting and the beads are just so adorable.

  4. Great work. The beading is a great accent. If you want to make one in Purples I wouldn't be adverse to giving it a home! ;-)

  5. Wonderfull quilt, beads just set it off just right, Take care

  6. Oh I love it!! That is soooo dang cute!

  7. Your quilting is just fantastic! So detailed and no skips or jumps whatsoever. What a wonderful quilt!

  8. Stunning!! I love the colors, the pattern, the beading, the craftmanship!


  9. What a beauty and love the beading you added.
    Where in Northern Ontario did you go camping .... that is my neck of the woods.