Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three winners!

I had 3 people who either left a comment or emailed me with changes I had made from the original pattern... mjjones, sheddy, and my blog stalker Deanna are all winners, so send me your snail mail address and I'll send each of you a quilty squishy (what is a squishy? you ask...click here).
Late at night I have been playing in my batik scrap box and having a wonderful time - way more fun than I had on vacation (since camping is really not relaxing for the mom who gets to pretend she is a pioneer, hauling water, cooking on a one burner gas stove, roasting meat on an open fire, heating water to wash dishes, etc)...but don't tell my family I said that!!!
I was inspired by a beautiful quilt that Andrea made for a friend - click here. I didn't set out to work with these colours, but they just jumped out, so I cut them into 1.25" strips and started sewing. First I made these tiny 1.25" 4 patch blocks and thought they were just the cutest little things! And then I started adding strips. I'll post a progress photo tomorrow.
Have a quilty day and be happy you're not camping!


Candace said...

I can't even imagine making such tiny four patches, but they are cute.

Ginger Patches said...

Too cute! I love tiny blocks, and those are sure tiny :)

Margeeth said...

Your remark about moms and camping just hits the mark. I would suggest going to a luxury spa yourself and let your family fend for themselves so they appriciate you the next vacation, but that probably is not an option. Can't you let your family do more of the work next time?