Monday, August 18, 2008

How about a little fun?!?!

We are back from camping in Northern Ontario. I am now doing the piles of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and putting away supplies, and wondering why we ever go camping in the first place! Oh enjoy the great outdoors and have fun with activities such as canoeing. Here's my crew going out to fish. I don't like anything about fishing, so I relax on the shore and do some stitching.
I am happy to share that I have finally passed the half way point on my Journey of a Quilter project! I have finished block 4 and am very close to finishing block 5. This has taken me a lot longer than I had anticipated, that's for sure! I was working on the "Celebrate" block on the airplane to Newfoundland, and just last week finished the flowers.
As with all the other blocks, I have made a few little changes that make the block more to my liking.
So just for fun, the first person to tell me 4 of the things that I changed from Leanne's original pattern, will win a Fat Quarter or two!


Anonymous said...

Isn't the JOAQ a fun project? I'm ready to start block 4 (did 5 already, I'm out of order). One day both of us will have these completed. :)

Maryjo said...

No buttons, no stitching to connect your hearts, Your block above celebrate is not the sam..plain on the pattern, no daisy stitchery above and below sisters by stitches...I think that is 4!

Mary Jo in Iowa

Unknown said...

No stitching thru the hearts
No flag block
No buttons stitchery
No flowers above and below the Sisters

Libby said...

I'd be right there with you on the shore *s*

Darlene said...

Like Libby I'd be on the shore, too. We could just stitch away the afternoon. I don't remember what changes you've made however I'm really excited that you've been working on it. :-)

Sweet P said...

I have no clue to the answers about the block. But I know I'd be on the shore stitching with you and Libby.