Friday, August 08, 2008

BeAttitudes Block #2

Thanks to everyone who commented on my finished Orange Crush quilt! I am very happy with it and plan to machine quilt it in the fall when the temperature is cooler.
This week I have been working on my second BeAttitudes block. I have added a couple of fabrics to the BOM kit and decided to take out all the floral prints.
Here is the base sewn together, looking very boring.
Then I started the fusing and the buttonhole stitching. Thanks for all the ideas that were left on this post giving me suggestions of how to improve my stitching. I am trying them out and getting a little better, especially at moving from one place to another without starting a new thread. The letters are the hardest. Here is a photo of the top showing all the threads. I pull the threads to the back, then I tie them in knots and hand sew them into the back of the stitches. I just don't want the black threads to unravel when I wash it.
And here is the finished block!
If you want to see another set of these blocks in development, click on Julie's blog. She just finished her second block too. She made me laugh because she made her plaid letters out of her husband's old pyjama bottoms!


Greenmare said...

very sweet. and speaking of sweet, I posted a photo of my rhubarb juice made from your recipe on my blog. Yummy!!

Tanya said...

I'll be interested to see how you quilt your Orange Crush quilt. Are you doing that on a domestic machine? I can't imagine working with such a big quilt but I don't think I can afford to send it to a long armer. And this is another year long quilting project if I do it by hand! I hope this doesn't disappear again into a drawer...

Sweet P said...

Great second block!

julieQ said...

How neat that you are making these blocks too!! Are yours now finished??