Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Victoria Day Weekend

Every Victoria Day weekend for the last 10 years we have gone camping with four other families from our neighbourhood (3 of which live on the same street). We all have children around the same age and they have a great time playing together. We are just back from this years trip and I am doing mountains of laundry. In one of their many adventures, my son got stuck in mud up to his knees and the other kids spent the next hour trying to dig out his shoes! Their clothes were caked with mud! In addition to the mud incident, it was generally miserable weather and I spent four days trying to stay warm. I had taken handwork to do, but it was too cold to even contemplate taking my mittens off. It rained on Saturday night and there was frost on Sunday night...did I mention I was COLD?!?! I had a brief respite at the local quilt store - Quilters By The Square where it was warm and friendly as always. I bought a few more fabrics for my 365 quilt and enjoyed seeing the customer's mystery quilts that were hanging in the store. It never ceases to amaze me how a dozen quilters can take the same pattern and make such different looking quilts.
Anyway, I am finally getting warm and of course the sun is shiny brightly so I can hang the laundry outside to dry. Here is a smile from my UFO friend Bev...I don't know why she gave me a copy of this cartoon?!?!?!

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