Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quilt Festival

What a nice surprise! I was surfing around on the Quilt Festival website and discovered a photo of one of my quilts. If you click here and find "The Gathering: Contemporary & Traditional Quilts", the blue/purple quilt on the right is mine! When I sign papers giving permission for my quilt images to be used for Quilt Festival, I am never sure where and when the images will show up! There it is!
Today I dropped off my quilts for the Arts Centre exhibit and couldn't remember which quilts I had promised to loan for this show. So I just picked a couple of my favorites and which ever ones jumped out of the cupboard, will be the ones at the show! Very logical methods that I use, eh?!?! Here is one for sure...
It is an abstract challenge piece called "Almost Van Gogh". I painted the background fabric using Setacolor paints, and then free motion machine stitched by machine and by hand, trying to create movement similar to Van Gogh's painting called Starry Night . Then I hand beaded the swirls and added a dove bead in the centre to represent Van Gogh's brother Theo, who loved and supported him emotionally and financially his whole life.
I better get a move on...I have to get supper on the table and then get ready to attend the Quilt Festival opening ceremonies! Come by tomorrow to read all about it!


swooze said...

Very nice!

Nicole & Phil said...

this looks great!
Thanks for your comments on my blog about Sonia's quilt! Sonia is my friend, not my daughter! LOL
so does that mean she looks really young, or I look really old! LOL, she is 8 years older than me ;)

The Calico Cat said...

Neat - both having your quilt show up as advertising on the website & that "starry night" interpretation.

sewnut said...

I love "almost Van Gogh". His colours always work for me!

I wish I could come and see the Quilt festival and auction this year but alas, for the third and final time I am subject to family obligations, sheesh, DD wedding last year, DH 50th this year, you'd think they would let me go out and play anyway!!

Greenmare said...

This is awesome! I love it! You are very talented, and I am so impressed and would love to come and play in your sewing room with you~