Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miniature Tulip Quilts

Ever have one of the those weeks where everything goes wrong?!?
I'm having one of those!
Yesterday I made printed the instructions/work sheets for the miniature quilt class in reverse! read that REVERSE! I'm still shaking my head over that one, and hope to get some time to open up my EQ (Electric Quilt computer program) and figure out how I did that and didn't notice! And as if that wasn't bad was the most difficult design we have tackled so far (tesselating stars) so giving them instructions in reverse was the icing on the cake! Maybe next month I'll print them in italian or spanish just for fun!! I ran out to Staples and mirror printed the layout and when I came back, everyone was still there sewing away. I thought they might have run for the hills while they had the chance!
Next month I'll post a photo of the reverse design quilts that they come up with! Anyway, here are the tulip projects the students brought back from last month's class. (Click here to see tulip quilts from another miniature class) Check out all the different layouts they have created. Anne was the only brave soul who tried the tiny blocks - she made 4 blocks for the corners (top left quilt).


Anonymous said...

You may have had a bad week, but I thought it was one of our best classes--tulips, tesselations and all. The group is great fun, Kathy.

Jeanne said...

Great tulips! Anne sounds like my kind of gal. I love to see how small I can make something, too. Hope you have your pattern print outs all straightened out. Would love to be at your tesselating stars class. :-D