Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something new

We are finally getting some sunny warmer weather here, so the tree buds are popping out and we even have some flowers in the garden! That was one long winter!
I went to quilt guild meeting tonight, and was told by 3 different "Judy"s that they check my blog every day and are disappointed when there isn't anything new posted! Imagine the pressure :)
Hi Judy T. and Judy E. and Judy R.!!! Here is something new to read while you drink your morning tea!

I have been trying to get situated in my new studio space and figuring out how to
make this work for me. My son is worried that he won't see me anymore, knowing how much I like to quilt! I have made an extra effort to be at home every day after school, so he knows that I haven't abandoned him!! My quilting friends have suggested the idea of making a little space for him at the studio, so I can bring him along. Isn't that a great idea?!?!
Lighting is my biggest problem as there are no overhead lights. Any suggestions?!?!?
I have been working on using up my scraps in a quilt-as-you-go project, but the bin isn't emptying very fast! You can see some of the beginning blocks here which I started at quilt retreat. And I am trying to get some quilt tops finished for a guild newbie class on Saturday. I will be teaching machine quilting, so it is forcing me to get the borders on some almost finished tops so I have something they can experiment with.
Tomorrow I am taking a quilted vessel class with Christine Ford. You can read about Christine here and see her with one of her quilts here. So I better get going and get some supplies together. Of course I can't figure out what fabric to take, so I am taking a big bag of batiks and hopefully Christine will help me sort myself out! I haven't ever sewn anything like this before, so I am excited about learning something new!
And yes Judy, Judy and Judy, I will post something new for you to read after the class!!


Jeanne said...

Have a great time at your quilt class with Christine Ford! I always hate the "what fabric do I take" part and then the "where did I get this from" part when I have to put it away.

Sweet P said...

How far away is your studio from home? It is a good idea to have some "son" space so he knows what you are doing and can come and spend time with you.

Quilter Kathy said...

The new studio is across town and only about 5 or 6 minutes away from home, depending on lights and traffic.

Judy said...

Lighting is a hard one when there isn't any overhead possibilities. I use the floor Ott lights in my room and like them very much. The miniatures are great!