Friday, May 11, 2007

Flora and Fauna

Today's blog entry has little to do with quilting! I will mention in passing that my friend Louise and I went on the shop hop called "Goose on the Loose". We now have a chance to win some prizes in a draw, but there were no fabric/pattern giveaways like the last shop hop I went on. Never mind...we had great conversation and lots of fun!
On the way to Louise's house, I spotted this turtle and screeched the car to a stop. Isn't it so interesting? Look at the spikes on it's tail. I gave him/her a little lecture about the dangers of walking on the highway and I think he/she listened because I was delighted to note that there was no dead turtle on the highway on the way home!
And I admired so many other things on my drive. These are the daffodils (on the left) in full bloom at Louise's farm. She has many beautiful flower gardens.
And just look at these wild trilliums! The trillium is the provincial flower for Ontario, Canada and they are only found in deciduous forests in early May. Apparently the white petals change to pink as they age, and I was so excited today to have found my first one!

And now you know what it is like to go on a road trip with me...I am easily distracted by beautiful and intesting sites!


Anonymous said...

All of those "distraction" as you travel through life make for a better quilter on many levels as well as a better, most interesting person.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

That turtle does look prehistoric! I'm glad she listened to you and got off the road :c)


Jeanne said...

The trillium are gorgeous! I can understand your distraction. We drove through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last year when they were blooming there.