Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making progress...

I have been really busy with family life now that soccer and baseball have started for the kids...with all the practises and games I am really just providing a taxi service most days! I have been working away on some quilting projects but not much to show for it. I have finished the machine quilting on this quilt , which was tricky since it was being used as a practise piece for new quilters to gain experience. I had to do some creative stretching and pulling to get some of the ripples out but I think it came out okay considering how many people worked on it...from the block makers, quilt piecers, and then machine quilters! I have sewn on the binding and just need something good on TV to listen to while I sit and hand sew it on the back. I have 2 other scrap quilts from the guild that need to be finished before the June meeting...will I make it?!?!
This is a mini 9 patch quilt that I am getting ready to machine quilt. It was made with a 5"swatch pack from the Moda Sonnet collection. I plan to quilt a little design in each of the 9 patches using a different colour of thread. That's my idea at the moment and I have been auditioning threads, but we'll see what happens when I start working on it if this idea will work or not. The oranges really jump out in the photo don't they...maybe I should go more to pink/salmon threads? Selecting threads is a fun part of quiltmaking for me, so I take my time and enjoy this step!
I have also been SLOWLY piecing together these blocks for my mystery quilt (for the President's Challenge) and finding that there are so many seams to match that it is really slow sewing. Some seams I have sewn three times, and since I am not really one to be fussy and unsew much...that gives you an idea of how challenging this has been. I also don't use pins very often when sewing but they have had a real workout with this quilt and I am pinning everything. It is 7 blocks across and 8 blocks down, so sewing a horizontal seam means 20 seams to match, and a vertical seam has 23 seams to match! I am only doing a few seams at a time since it gets frustrating and then I work on something else.
I also need to take some time to get caught up on my 365 quilt. I will post an updated photo when I get a few more pieces together.

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