Friday, September 02, 2022

Collaborative Embroidery Project - September 1

It's time for the block reveals for Sam's collaborative embroidery project. I saw the invitation to participate on Barbara's blog and signed up right away. The project invited us to embroider 2 lines on a square of fabric - that's it!

Sam emailed the participants to say that she received over 220 blocks from all over the world! Here are the blocks lined up and ready to sew together. The quilt will be revealed once the judging is done at QuiltCon.

My block fabric is leftover from the backing of my first hand quilted project that I made for my daughter for her "big girl bed". The colour is really a soft peach which was popular in the 1990s.

I made a few scribbles and started stitching my two lines -red for the mouth, and blue for the stitches keeping the mouth closed.

If you're wondering why I chose these 2 lines in this particular configuration, you can read Sam's blog post called "Why I'm a feminist" and it will maybe become more clear to you. 

This is a quilting blog, so I don't write much about politics here, but the fact is that my daughter has even less human rights as a woman than I had in my 30's, and I am gutted about it. She will likely never make as much income as her male counterparts (even though she will work harder), she would not be permitted to make her own health care decisions in some parts of the world, and she does not have the same opportunities to travel and live in the world safely as her brother has.

I have a lot to say and to stitch about this, and this collaborative project seemed to be a perfect place to do this!

I can't wait to see the other block reveals which can be seen now on instagram: #myriadinterpretationsoflanguage

Thank you Sam for this innovative project, and I can't wait to see the quilt reveal!


Flickenstichlerin said...

Interesting project, you speak out of my heart in a way you will never realize. Thank you.

Janet O. said...

Looks like an effective use of your "two lines". Well said, sister!

Deanna W said...

I am sure there were detailed instructions because as I read this post I was thinking two lines would be sayings with words. This is much more effective!