Friday, November 29, 2019

Let the Frolicking Begin!

Friday is the start of the Quiltville Frolic mystery!
In preparation I  washed all my fabrics.
This is why I hate prewashing fabrics. See all the thread knots! Even when I wash it on the gentle cycle... it's a big mess.

But this is why I do it.
See the pure white Color Catcher? The two sheets underneath absorbed all the running dyes in the wash water. I don't want those dye particles running around causing havoc on my finished quilt! 

Here are my fabric choices:

Framboise (red)
Aqua (pink) 
Green (gold)
Dark blue (blue)
Light blue
and a few new neutrals that I bought specifically for the mystery.

Can't wait to fire up the sewing machine and the rotary cutter, and get sewing!


ButterZ said...

It won't be long. I hate prewashing fabric too.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Me too " Kathy"!! Not my favorite thing to do! Have fun sewing today 😊


Jill said...

It’s worthwhile to prewash even though it is a chore. Appreciate the visual results of using color catcher. When I prewash, I clip the corners at an angle which reduces the tangles of loose threads.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Adored your Gail Pan Embroidery finish...such beautiful fabrics for the borders. It looks just perfect together with your little embroideries, Kathy.
And I will love seeing what you do with this project too.

Susie Q said...

you are READY

Mary said...

YES! I love to see that Color catcher change. It makes the dryer lint the color I'm washing also. Ready, Set, SEW!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I wash all fabrics and hate doing fat quarters because we lose so much with the treads! But it does save heartache! Enjoy starting the quilt. I will download it and maybe in January 20XX LOL Have a great time! I will be watching your progress

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Next time you wash, use this tip to pin the edges. You won't have any thread knots, and you won't have any twisted up fabric. It really works and you can wash pieces up to 12 yards in length, or multiple pieces at once.

Deanna W said...

Brave you...changing up the not so brave, post coming on my blog!!

JustGail said...

I used to wash all fabric when I got it home, zig zagging or serging the cut ends, but somewhere along the line, I stopped. I still wash garment fabrics, if not when they come in the door, before being used. I've read so many conflicting thoughts on washing quilt fabrics - as soon as in the door, right before using, after quilt done, color catchers, synthropol or retayne, salt, vinegar.... And how to handle fat quarters and precuts?

Carol - thanks for that link about folding fabric. I haven't seen that idea before.

MissPat said...

Kathy, do you then starch all the fabrics before cutting them. I gave up pre-washing years ago. Yes, I have had some color bleeds (and not just red), but so far I've been able to rescue them all. Mostly baby quilts. But I also don;t use white or neutral background nearly as often as you do. I think I'm just going to watch "Frolic" this year.

diamondc said...

Kathy: I am like you I hate prewashing.
I love the color choice, they are beautiful.
I will be watching to see what beautiful creation you come up wit.
The color catchers are the best thing created for the laundry tub.

Have a lovely weekend

Chantal said...

I always wash my fabric as I am sensitive to some of the crap they put on fabric. I never put it in the dryer. Most time I wash it by hand in the bathtub whenever possible. For big yardage, I use the washing machine for a few minutes, never the full cycle and never the dryer. I hang it in the basement or iron it straight from the washer. Color Catchers are wonderful. Sorry for the big loss from the thread knots, but at least you have peace of mind that your fabrics won't run later. You are ready. Enjoy! Looking forward to see your first units. ;^)

scraphappy said...

Even though prewashing is no fun, having colors run in the finished quilt is so much worse. Looks like you are all ready for much sewing.