Monday, September 30, 2019

Design Wall Monday

On the design table are the blocks for the mystery quilt called "Almost Amish" on the Humble Quilts blog. Part #3 has been posted, but I've just finished part #2 so I'm a bit behind.  My version is using Civil War Reproduction fabrics, so I'm calling it "Almost Reproduction"! I hope to be sewing the next step tonight. 

I'm also working on the the "Home Grown II"  quilt by Nancy Halvorsen. Although I don't usually buy kits because I enjoy chosing all the fabrics myself for quiltmaking, I fell in love with the sample at Cherished Pieces and HAD to make it. 
The kit is great, but the cutting instructions were intense, with so many small pieces to keep track of! I use my friction pen to write the number or letter of each piece on the side of each piece, otherwise it's impossible to keep track of all these different pieces.

And to make things worse, I cut a whole alphabet of pieces from the wrong fabric!

Here are the pieces for the letter "e" for the word 'home'. I had to recut all the pieces that are not white for all the letters.

Not to worry... the pieces are small, and the kit fabric is very generous so I can make lots of mistakes and still be okay. 

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Janet O. said...

I've been telling myself I am too late to join in Lori's SAL this time, and I don't have the solids to make it, anyway. You just shot down all my excuses--but I still don't think I can join in this time around. It hurts, though. :)
Oh, good thing the kit is generous with the fabric, so you can "rehome". :)

Jenny said...

Bother, don't you hate it when you cut things out wrong! The whole alphabet too!

Mary said...

Sorry about the Miscuts. My Alphabitties help with many small cuts. I havent' started on Lori's SAL either. Got too many UFO's to work on and I started a new Quilt already in August. Cute letter E

Louise said...

The Home Grown quilt is going to be sew cute!! I love those fabrics :)

Kate said...

Almost Reproduction is coming looking good. Love how the colors carry from one set of blocks to the next.