Friday, July 19, 2019

Midmonth UFO Update

July's UFO project has a backing and a batting, and has been pin basted. I really don't mind the task of pin basting with the Kwik Klip tool. It goes quickly while I listen to the radio or podcasts.

Because it is a bit more challenging to see when you are stitching with a white thread on white fabric, I decided to make it a bit easier on my old eyes by using a slightly variegated blue thread. 
Why work so hard to see where you've already quilted when you can make it easier to see?!?! 

Machine quilting has begun.

Look at how small some of the scraps are in this quilt. They are smaller than the basting pin!
I'm starting with some wavy vertical lines in the white spaces and don't know what I'll be stitching after that...
I'm hoping some ideas will come to me!


  1. Congrats on all the progress. You'll be wrapping this one up soon.

  2. That is a great choice of thread color for your quilt!

  3. Looks like this is coming along nicely and do love that thread color. Such a cute quilt top and will be done before you know it....enjoy the process....

  4. looks very interesting - I will be glad to see a full front photo of this one when you are done

  5. Smart move on the thread color! I just did 2 quilts and used too light a beige! I may as well just crawled up on the long arm table to be able to see what I was doing even with all the lighting I have! LOL. So the next quilt is a darker quilt and will be quilted with lighter thread! Have a great time sewing those small pieces!

  6. I love a variegated thread to quilt with. It disappears on the same colored fabrics. Sometimes you want the quilting to show, sometimes the piecing shines!

  7. I too, like the Kwik Klip tool.
    This looks like a really fun quilt. Love those cool, soothing colors, and I think your thread of choice is a wise one. I had some black on black I needed to quilt last night and I hurried to get to it while the sun was shining in my west facing window onto my quilting machine table. Once the sun goes down I CANNOT do black on black!