Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July Shop Hop

Is anyone participating in the July Shop Hop in southern Ontario this year? This is the 9th year for this hop and there are 15 stores this year. 
I really enjoyed it last year and finished the Shop Hop project over the winter, which you can see here. But I seem to be running out of steam and enthusiasm this year. The amount of driving is a bit prohibitive, but I do like to make a concerted effort to get out to the stores I can't usually get to in the winter. 

Last weekend I stopped in at the Hobby Horse and had such an enjoyable visit. I made a few purchases, and they gave me this free reusable box bottom tote bag which I love. And I overheard some interesting conversations while I browsed, including a very generous staff person teaching a new quilter how to hand quilt - that made me smile :)

This store is on such a beautiful property out in the country. I took along a salad (which you can see sitting on the picnic table) and I enjoyed a relaxing lunch listening to the birds, and the breeze, and heard an occasional chicken and a dog.

Do you see the old treadle sewing machine in the garden? I'm fairly certain that this baby is rusted beyond any possible further usage, even with my expert tender loving care! 
I felt restored after my visit, with the wonderful staff, the beautiful fabrics and free gifts, and such peaceful scenery.
It's likely that I won't get around to all the stores since July is drawing to a close, but I sure would love a chance to win 1st prize in the draw which is a $3,500 Eddycrest custom made sewing table, so I will see how my free time and energy holds up before the end of the month.


Jill said...

A lovely day for quilt shopping and a great spot for lunch. Interesting and appropriate garden art for a quilt shop. Best wishes on winning the sewing table!

diamondc said...

Kathy: It sounds like you had a fun time.
Thank-you for sharing the outdoor photos with us, soon it will be all white and no green here in Minnesota.


Deanna W said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer, I would join you.We could drive around together! I am planning for the shop hop in the Fall that is in and around the Barrie area and north. Much more doable for me and my friends!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I keep thinking that I need to use one of my 'never will work again' machines in the garden.