Monday, January 28, 2019

Resisting Temptation... and not!

I am trying to be strong.
I am resisting the temptation to start more new projects when I have so many projects on the go that I really like and want to finish. But I had a brief flare up of Startitis last week and started 2 new quilt along projects. 
I started the Temecula One Block Wednesday (red and white blocks lower left side) and I started the Hand Piecing quilt along. I also started a new RSC project called Economy Path (red and white blocks upper left side) made from a Blockheads pattern. When my friend Sandy came over to sew she admitted that she had just started the Stash Buster Challenge from Border Creek Station and her 15 blocks are made from HST blocks (on the right of the photo).
New Quilt Alongs on the design wall
So I am giving myself credit for not starting the following quilt alongs that I want to join:
*the Temperature Quilt Along
*The Canadian Quilters Association's 52 blocks in 52 weeks project. There are posting a weekly 6" pattern each week on their website. 
*Harry Potter Quilt Along 
*Out of this World Quilt Along
*Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt Along
*Garden Sunshine BOM
*Rockin Rectangles Quilt Along
*Stars in Her Crown Quilt Along
Do I want to participate in these?!?

Will I participate?
NO! (hopefully not!)

There is so much fun to be had, and still only 24 hours in the day!
Do you have tips on how to resist starting wonderful new projects?!?!
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  1. I was going to try again to tempt you with the Temperature quilt, but guess what? can always start yours on January 1, 2020!!!

  2. Um . . . turn the computer off and go to another room to do stuff.

  3. Yes, just go sew, LOL!! I find it easy to resist ones that need a block every day or every week. I have to finish the test blocks for my next mystery, starting next month.

  4. I am resisting as hard as I can starting even more projects. I've got 5 tops waiting for me as I finish up Good Fortune and really trying not to start anything new until I get GF finished and start on one of the others again - I need to get my time organized as well as I am getting my room.

  5. I have had some success resisting the quiltalongs you mentioned, but I too started the temecula quilt and now... well, I like the stashbuster too

  6. Great projects that I cannot even look at. LOL I'm taming squirrels this year. That's my story today. LOL Hold on tight.

  7. I've been looking at the rocking rectangle sew along, but I don't think I dare start another project!
    I love the triangle blocks.

  8. It is just so hard to resist joining in on the fun! Thanks for linking to my Daisy Chain QAL -- wish you could join us! You can always save the directions for later, right?!

  9. Isn't it great to have so many options? :)

  10. I have tried to resist all New Projects. Sometimes it is futile! I have been thinking for 2 hours how to not Blog at new Project today. I have a voice in my head saying Just don't do it!!

  11. Well I have been cleaning and purging my sewing room. I have found projects that I have had for over 12 years. So I figure if I haven't done them by now...I am not going to so off to a new home they go or if it is just fabric, I reintroduce it back to my stash with the hopes that it will be perfect for another project. I have too many things to finish, that I want to finish to start something new!!!!Good luck resisting temptation!!

  12. You can give yourself Double Credit for all those things you aren't starting!!! LOL

  13. Oh, Kathy, I don't know if there is a cure for your start-itis. I gotta say, I absolutely LOVE those blocks of Sandy's.

  14. Love the Scrapbuster Quilt. When I get tempted to start something new, I close the computer and turn the sewing machine on. The more you say no, the easier it gets. ;^)

  15. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the couple of quilt alongs I try to participate in so I am not going to even check out your list.

  16. Darn you Kathy.... That stashbuster might work for me... I keep finding hst's as I am picking up the sewing room.......I might just make a few......

  17. I did around 8 sew along/mystery quilts last year. I decided to just work on the UFO challenge this year. Work on one UFO a month. I got mine done for January and then some.