Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Good Fortune Update

To sew step #6 of the Good Fortune mystery quilt I got out an old Singer Featherweight that hasn't been seen on my blog to date.  
This sewing machine has been sitting in her black box for at least 20 years.
Since I decided to sew this year's mystery on my vintage machines, I got out this old gal for the first time to see what kind of condition she was in. I cleaned and oiled all the parts and pieces, played with the tension, wound a bobbin, solved a few problems (will write about those another time) and got it sewing perfectly. 

I strip sewed all the units on phone book paper. I tried sewing the big pieces with long strips, and then trimming them to the correct size when completed, but it was not as much fun for me as sewing on smaller pieces and using up the smaller scraps.

The paper removal is quite boring, but I didn't hate doing it. I just would just prefer to be sewing instead of ripping paper. I could definitely see the benefit of piecing on paper for stability with bias edges and angles.

And as soon as I had finished step #6, step #7 appeared, so I finished up those units too. It was a quick step to sew. Here are some of my red 16 patch blocks on the design wall and the rest of the blocks in a storage bin waiting to see what happens next.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I got part of clue 7 done yesterday but still working on the red/white - why did you have the precious featherweight all these years in a box and not use it? :)


Oh I envy you with that black featherweight machine--I have wanted one for ever so long--they really do an accurate 1/4" seam--so enjoy sewing with her--

Janet O. said...

Wow--I had to go to your "Herd" tab and see what other machines you might have that I have not yet met. Yes, you have a herd!
Your white (or celery) featherweight makes me jealous and your blue "White" makes me laugh.
I have felt like I was overboard with 5 machines (4 functional), but I feel much better now, thank you. :)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Cool to sew on your FW! I've been sewing up my Good Fortune on my treadle and switched this week to a FW that Jake serviced and that needed a run! It is an ugly duckling with heritage marks, but sews like a little champ :-). I got all my mystery quilt up to date! Doing mine with Kaffe Fasset fabrics and neutrals of all sorts...loving it so far and curious to see what it will become!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Featherweights are fun to sew on. The clues are looking great.

Kate said...

You've done such a good job of keeping up this year.

Kristin said...

OMG-- I've never visited your 'Herd' page before. W.O.W. =O Goooooooooo, You!