Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hand Piecing Quilt Along

The second block was posted this week for the Hand Piecing Quilt Along that Patty and Kristin are hosting.
Last week we worked with squares and this week we pieced HSTs. The tutorial for block #2 is here. It was very relaxing and I'm pleased with how it turned out. 

block #2 front
A winter snow storm raged outside while I calmly stitched in my warm house, feeling all the relaxing benefits of hand stitching. Today the temperature here will feel like minus 32 degrees Celsius! 
Best to stay inside and sew! 

block #2 back
Patty also posted an interesting tutorial for how to spin the seams. Here is how my block looks on the back since I read the tutorial... so cool. 
There is some bulk on 2 of the HST corners that wanted to be pressed the other way, but I managed to flatten it out.

So then I thought I'd repress block #1 and I think I scorched it???? Look at how brown those light squares are in the green 4 patch block!!!
I've never had that happen before and my iron was set at cotton as always. 
Can anything be done to fix that or should I take it apart and replace the light squares?
Linking up to week #2 linky party at Elm Street Quilts.


Karrin Hurd said...

Your block looks great! Don’t have any suggestions about the scorched part though. After seeing your beautiful block I think I need to do mine over

The Cozy Quilter said...

You might need to just replace those scorched squares... I hate it when my iron spits and discolours my fabrics! I don’t use steam anymore for that reason.

Janet O. said...

I only have the scorch problem if I have used starch and held the iron too long in one spot. (Which is one reason why I don't often use starch.) I don't know if there is any way to correct a scorch, but maybe Google knows.

Julierose said...

I'd leave it and just tell myself I wanted to use off-white in a few squares...
but that's just moi ;))) hugs, Julierose

Amy said...

If it's a starch related scorch, I've had those come out in the wash. I did google it and came up with this site: Her solutions sound easy. Good luck! The blocks are adorable.

Lisa J. said...

Very pretty Kathy. I hope you find the solution to your scorch problem. I just finished up block number one and here you and Wendy have both finished the second one!

SandraC said...

Do you use tap water? For a long time now I just use bottled water in my iron and haven't had this problem anymore 🙂

Patty said...

Lovely block. Thanks for linking up as part of the Hand Pieced QAL!

LJ said...

I love spinning seams - makes the back almost as cute as the front! I don't have a good solution to the scorched spots - you may need to redo the block or replace the scorched squares. BTW, I usually use a pressing cloth whenever I need to add a bit more heat. I will press just to get things in the proper position and then I add a pressing cloth on top which allows me to press longer. :)