Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Last Year's Blockheads Catch Up

The first Moda Blockheads project wrapped up in February and you can check out some fabulous finishes here. 
sewing block 43 on my white featherweight Singer
I don't know why it has taken me so long to finish up the remaining 6" blocks since they are adorable and I really enjoy sewing  them. However, since Blockheads II started, I have been distracted by the new block series ("squirrel) and moved on from the first block series. I have recently been feeling a renewed determination to finish up the first Blockheads series before the end of the year. These wonderful blocks want to become a finished quilt.

Block #43 Any Direction

Block #43 - "Any Direction"
It's funny that I chose 2 directional fabrics for a block called "any direction"! I spent a lot of extra time making sure that the background and the brown fabrics were all going in the same direction, but in keeping with the block name should have sewn it together randomly.

Block #44 Lawyer's Puzzle

Block #44 - "Lawyer's Puzzle"
I added little triangles to the large neutral triangles because to make them look less empty. There are 64 pieces in this 6" block. It was so fun to sew and I really like how this one turned out.

Block #45 Double Dutch

Block #45 Double Dutch
A plethora of flying geese and a few half square triangle blocks.

Block #46 Alternate

I made the alternate pattern for block #46 by Lisa Bongean. The star block in the centre measures 2". I loved making that so much, I had a fleeting thought that went something like this... 
"I should make a whole quilt from these 2" star blocks"!
Followed by a stern voice... "Don't even think about it" LOL

#47 Starry Nine Patch

Block #47 is called Starry Nine Patch

I needed a couple more blocks with a dark background, so I reversed the light/darks on this one, which resulted in a brain workout, which then resulted in needing a nap when the construction was complete.

#48 Honeymoon

The final block pattern #48 is called Honeymoon. The was also made with the lights/darks reversed, but seemed easier than the previous block.

I only have 1 more block to make for this project. It's the cardinal applique and then I will put all the blocks up on the design wall and make some decisions about putting this project together.
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Gretchen Weaver said...

These blocks are so pretty, can't wait to see the quilt!

Julierose said...

Lovely blocks--they will make a beautiful quilt all together...hugs, Julierose

The Cozy Quilter said...

Should we be looking for these blocks on Monday on your design wall? I can’t believe these lovely blocks are 6”! Fantastic blocks!

Chantal said...

I love "Any direction". Wow! What an interesting block and I love the fabric you choose. I thought the "Lawyer's Block" was different then I read your description. Ah ha! Very good initiative and pretty too. It will be fun to see them all together on Monday. ;^)

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Looking good!

Susie Q said...

I like the any direction with the background fabric going one way. For me it makes the other pieces that go all directions stand out.