Monday, January 01, 2018

Quiltbug New Years Day Mystery

With several mystery quilts on the go, one would think that a normal, sane person would not be starting off the new year with yet another new mystery project. Right? 
Well, if you know me and/or read my blog regularly you know that I live several bus stops away from sanity on most days, so you can likely predict what is happening in my sewing room today!!

Yep... new year... new mystery quilt!
Quiltbug is hosting a New Years Day 2018 mystery called "Scrappy Friends". So of course I had to invite some friends over to start the new mystery!  
Click here to see the mystery from 2015 which was lots of fun. I don't know what we did in 2016? I'll have to ask my friends (who still have a good memory) if we sewed a mystery quilt on New Year's day last year.
Anyway, here is my fabric to start with... 6 fat quarters, a "spark" fabric and a background. Easy peasy... all batiks pulled from stash.
When you cut the fabric pieces ahead of time and sew the HST blocks, you are ready to sew your quilt top together in one day. 
Yep, only one day quilters! 
Start your machines Scrappy Friends!
Check in tomorrow to see how our sewing day progressed.
Happy New Years everyone!


Teresa said...

Good luck with your project. I'll be watching to see how it turns out. How fun to have friends over to join in the mystery. Happy New Year

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'll be doing a bit of sewing today too, but not all day. Scrap Dance 2018 mystery coming later in January!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Are the mystery patterns available after the mystery is over or is this is a one day project only? Looks like fun but I'm sewing along on the Regatta quilt over by Home Sewn By Us.

Ellen said...

Oh me crazy but I am going to join in as well! I am off to my sewing room. :)

Betty said...

Love the new heading! Very enticing!

Deanna W said...

With everything that is due or that I am working on...really a new mystery! I am like you...can't resist! It is futile!! Going stash diving!!!

AnnieO said...

Laughing at “a few bus stops from sanity”! With quilting anyway :). Enjoy your mystery time!

Julie said...

i had a moment of weakness last week and ALMOST cut fabrics for this mystery, but then I looked around my sewing room and decided I was crazy. Instead I have the week off work and I am reorganizing/purging/cleaning. Then I will be happy about quilting again! I look forward to seeing your mystery completed!