Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Start the new year with a new project

This is a very busy time of year for quilters, because many wonderful mystery projects are hosted on New Years Day and we are getting ready. Unfortunately (for my quilting time) we have a big family event that requires cooking and visiting, and it would be rude of me to sit at the sewing machine while 20 people are having a party all around me! 
Don't tempt me!

Here are some possibilities if you don't have any plans:
*Merry Mayhem's annual New Year's Day mystery called Blowin' in the Wind. There are two sizes you can make and if I had the time, I'd be sewing this one for sure!

*Heather Spence is offering a scrap friendly mystery quilt on New Years Day as a fundraiser. Her instructions are well written, so if you're looking for a new project, you can get a quilt pattern and support a good cause.

*Quiltbug has a New Year's Day mystery and I had a blast sewing their mystery project last year with some friends. This year's project is called Apple Butter and all you need is a jelly roll. I am consoling myself about missing out on this one by committing myself to make their Super Bowl mystery in February.

*Another mystery project is being hosted at Quilting.about. com. I wasn't tempted by this one as the beginning instructions seemed complicated. 
Are you starting off the new year with a new project?!?


Mary said...

I have a BIG Extended Family gathering on New Year's Day also. I would just save the clues and make it on the 2nd. Thanks for sharing all the LINKS. My new 2016 Project will be Pat Sloan's New BOM "Secret Garden".

Created by Kathi said...

I will soon start a 90 x 90" quilt for my darling daughter... she received the quilt top for Christmas along with backing and binding fabrics and batting too! Just need to mark it soon and layer and start working... that is my plan for January 3 afternoon to start the marking!!! Have a great New Year's Eve and day Kathy... Kathi

Anonymous said...

Great idea to start the new year with a new project. I am going to do that now that I have two days to prep. I will choose one of the many kits or patterns that I have previously purchased. Perhaps, you can sew this weekend following your family get together.

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I have half a yard of blue fabric left over from making a binding and I was considering a applique wall hanging.

Janet O. said...

*LOL* You are such an enabler--and I resisted even looking at the links. I refuse to be sucked in this year. (We will see how long that lasts.)
I usually host a New Year's Eve event at my house, but it looks like everyone will be otherwise occupied this year. I am looking forward to some stitching time--I have seen precious little of it this month. I'll be thinking of you as I stitch. : )

audrey said...

You just need to get some of your family interested in quilting and then it would be okay to immerse yourself in it.:) And yes, I have a couple new projects I want to start in the new year, but I think I'll skip the mystery ones!

Bonnie said...

New projects yes, mystery no. I will be making two new donation quilts over the rest of this week and weekend. Hopefully I won't be finished with both by tomorrow because I am not at home. I also brought some other things to work on so I'll be sewing away over then next few days. Thanks for the list. I'll be checking them out tonight.

Kate said...

As tempting as a good mystery is, I'm going to content myself with getting caught up on Allietare. Enjoy your family time.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Oh, you are so bad, now I'll have to see all those links! My mystery quilt starts January 8, all scrappy!