Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Treadling on Tuesday

I will be treadling today, because it's Tuesday, and it has become part of my routine. I want to make sure I keep my treasure in good condition and the best way to do that is to keep it in running order with lots of oil and TLC.

After all, I do NOT want my treadle to become one of these... 


...a rusty old plant stand!!!

This old treadle base was found on my cousin's farm when she bought the property, so the story about what happened to the sewing machine is unknown. 
See the lucky (?) horseshoes laying on the treadle?
The Raymond sewing machines were made in Guelph, Ontario. To read an interesting article about the company - click here.
Don't let your old sewing machines become plant stands!
Give them a chance to stay in working order with some regular use and attention.

But don't have so much fun that you sew into the wee hours of the morning ...
you need regular maintenance/rest too or you might turn into a rusty old plant stand!


  1. If I had a treadle, I'd surely keep her running. If I found a rusty old one that couldn't be salvaged, I admit, I'd put it in my garden too. Love that rusty beauty! I'm not too far from you if it needs a new home!

  2. I'm sewing today too, but not on a treadle. I have a view of a lake, and trees just beginning to turn...

  3. Thank you for the link to such an interesting and informative article!

  4. Good advice. : )
    I'm trying not to sew as late as I used to, but sometimes it seems I can't sew for days if I don't squeeze some in late.

  5. Here's to not becoming old and rusty!! I think plenty of lubrication is in order...internally if you know what I mean!!!

    Your Northern Blog Stalker!!!

  6. I have my grandmothers sewing cabinet with the treadle, but the machine was removed by an aunt... she wanted the machine but not the cabinet... how sad is that! The cabinet works beautifully as a display for antique sewing paraphernalia, and I have memories of sitting on the floor watching my grandmother's tiny feet "work" that treadle!

  7. Your treadle looks very happy with your fabrics!

  8. unlike you I have no treadle but know what you mean about using things, I tried my walking foot the other day, have had it 20 years but never used it, needless to say it is not working so I am popping it in the post today, the place I bought it from says it will have seized up and they should be able to repair it, fingers crossed as they are just under £100 to replace

  9. I'll be sewing on one of my treadles this weekend, while I'm doing a demo of some of my vintage machines.