Sunday, September 15, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday

I cannot believe that the summer is already over and September is half over.  Did you accomplish your goals for the summer? 
Me either...not by a long shot. But I am okay with that.
I spent most of my non-working time this summer at my brother's place and did a lot of hand work. This is a dreadful photo that my brother took of me while working on my scrap rug late at night. He was having trouble getting comfortable and falling asleep, so I would keep him company by doing some quiet hand work.
My blue and yellow scrap rug is finally finished!  My technique must be improving because this is my second rug and it lays much flatter than the first oneI used the Aunt Philly's tool and instructions to make these rugs and really enjoy the process.

Here is Miss Molly the Princess refusing to look at me because I don't have treats. She doesn't co-operate in any way unless food is involved!
But she does love my her new rug, and lays on it every chance she gets.
I wasn't real happy with the way the last strip of the rug is very obvious where the last stitch is, so on my next rug I will try to improve on that ending part.

My slightly revised goal for the rest of September is some great advice from Dory... 
"just keep swimming, just keep swimming". 
Did you see Finding Nemo? 
LOVE that movie!
I will change Dory's advice slightly to "just keep stitching, just keep stitching"!
Did you see the 16 fantastic links posted on last week's Slow Stitching post? So many inspiring projects to peek in on!
What hand work are you working on this week?
Please link up your blog post below and share your stitching with us.


Ellen said...

Your little rug turned out really well. Nice to see that it is already being appreciated.

Missy Shay said...

I love the blues and yellows in your rug! I'm collecting strips to make a rag rug, but mine will be braided since I can't crochet! :)

Amy said...

Good morning, Ms. Kathy, dear!
(Your) Molly's rug is fan-tabulous! As for the ending stitches.... the only suggestion I have is one I read somewhere: As you near the end, maybe consider cutting/ripping the fabric thinner and thinner. I haven't tried the suggestion myself, but I could see how the taper would blend a little bit better. All of my projects have been for me, and I simply haven't taken the time to rip the final strips thinner.

I certainly HOPE to get some slow-stitching in today, but first I MUST get some school planning done, and MUST put this house back together after preserving garden goodies all day yesterday.

You have been on my mind.
And THANK YOU! The CUTE fabric squares arrived.... and the scissors adornment is absolutely precious! How considerate of you.

June said...

I think the problem with your last row is that you ended in the wrong place. That one end clearly shows row two is started, and I agree, tapering is important. I just "wrap around" the last couple of stitches. I agree with looks great. You did an excellent job on this one, and every one you do will get better!!

Julie in GA said...

I love your blue and yellow rug--very pretty!

Teresa in Music City said...

What a cute little rug Kathy! I think that ending point just adds to the charm :*) This rug will always hold valuable memories for you. And Miss Molly is just too darn CUTE!!! I loved Finding Nemo - one of my favorite movies... and Dory is one of my most well-loved characters. She reminds me of me way too often LOL!!!

Linda said...

Such pretty colors for your rug. And as long as Molly loves it the way it is .... that's all that's important. Right? lol

Cathy said...

Your rug reminds me of my great grandmother who I only visited a couple of times. She made beautiful braided rugs.

Lovely color combo.

Kate said...

Love your rug, it turned out beautifully.

No slow stitching for me this week. Maybe next week I'll have something to link up.

Cathy said...

What a beautiful rug... I love the soft blues and yellows, and can certainly see why Molly decided it was hers. I'm still stitching, and progress is being made, it just doesn't show from the front.

Deb A said...

I love your rug... I mean Miss. Molly's rug! She looks so comfy on there. The rug looks perfect to me. I had to look and look to see what you were talking about on the ending. Love the colors. The quilt in the header is one of my favorites!

Sew and Sow Farm said...

I love love your rug Kathy! It looks great. I have an Aunt phillys toothbrush rugs booklet and want to give it a try sometime. Molly is sweet.
xo jan@sewandsowfarm

Cyn said...

Your rug is very nice. I'd love to learn how to do that.
This is my first time to link to your Slow Stitch Sunday... I 'found' you via Deb.

audrey said...

Ahh.. You may think it's a terrible picture of you, but I think it's wonderful. There you are trying to be a comfort and help to your brother, working on something that helped you feel peaceful and calm. Thanks for the chance to link up once again!

Janet O. said...

How thoughtful of you to make Miss Molly a new rug. She obviously appreciates your efforts (not). : )