Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treadling on Tuesday

I am doing a little treadling today, but most of the treadling I'm showing in this post was done on Sunday afternoon because Bonnie Hunter hosted her famous QuiltCam. I enjoy treadling while listening to Bonnie chat about her projects and her quilting adventures.

I ran out of bobbin thread, and while trying to remember how to wind the bobbin, I cleaned and oiled the machine. Really I was just procrastinating the bobbin winding!

This machine has a vibrating shuttle bobbin, and it does hold a lot of thread, so I don't have to refill the bobbin very often and always forget how to do it! Also I think the belt is getting a little loose from wear and I need to tighten it up, which would help wind the bobbin easier.

I am continuing to sew my scrappy coin strips on pieces of old adding machine tape.  I will be done sewing coins when the adding machine tape runs out. I am starting to think about sewing these strips together into a quilt top. I wonder how big of a quilt this stack of blocks will make?!?


The Slow Quilter said...

Looks like alot of work, put I wish I was home sewing instead of here at work.

Judy D in WA said...

Your treadle is a beauty! It's always fun for me to look at these scrappy pieces and say I have that fabric--the tan with the country hearts. :)
This is going to be a great quilt.

Ellen said...

You chose a great way to practice your sewing skills on the treadle. One day, I just might have my treadle running for me to practice on too!

Barb said...

I've never tried a treadle, looks hard but fun.
I love the treadle juxtaposed to the laptop!

Janet O. said...

I've always wanted a treadle--burn calories as you sew!
You have quite a stack there. A particular layout in mind, or just random placement?

libbyquilter said...

you are getting quite a stack of them . . . i'm also wondering how big of a quilt you will have . . . and how you will set these strips. i'm on the edge of my seat.


Mary said...

What a great idea to use adding machine tape. And for a stacked coin quilt ! Priceless!

Barb said...

I so want one of those machine....love yours

Sheila said...

I like to watch and sew with Bonnie on quilt cam, too! Love the scrappy coin strips. I'm accumulating a lot of crumbs in the bottoms of my scrap boxes and that looks like a good way to use them up :D