Sunday, July 14, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching and mini garden tour

I had planned to hand embroider this cute stitchery today, but she was so much fun that I finished her during the week! She is called "Little Lemon Slice", but since I love limes, I made her into a little "Lime Slice". Here she is showing off some of my wonderful crop of basil...lots of yummy pesto coming up later this month!
The pattern for this little cutie is from the Feeling Stitchy blog...a wonderful place to visit, full of tips, inspiration, and free patterns to stitch. To download this (and many other patterns) go to the Stitchalong page...this is the August design from last year.
Here she is hanging on the "rabbit fence" around my garden, made for me for a mother's day gift from my daughter and her boyfriend. I am so happy to have some huge beets, lots of tomatoes, onions, peppers (green and yellow), zucchini and cucumbers. The beans and peas are not great this year due to so much rain. But this year, we'll be eating the produce from my garden instead of supplying the neighbourhood rabbits!!!
Today, I'll be trimming the hedge, doing some weeding in the garden and looking for another stitching project to keep my hands busy. Do you have any suggestions?!? 
What are you hand stitching today?
Post a link up to your blog and share your project with us.
We love to see what other stitchers are making!


  1. Cute stitchery design. I wonder if there were other fruit designs to go along with it.

  2. Very cute stitchery! Thanks for the link to all the patterns. I love the halloween one and may have to give her a try.

  3. Your garden looks great...having a bit of envy over all of those wonderful fresh goodies! No garden for us this year for a couple reasons but maybe we will have one again next year.

    Very cute stitchery - so nice that you made her your own. I tend to like limes too because they go great with one of my favourite beverages!

  4. I can't link up because I did another post this morning ( garden one ) but I came over to visit. I am hand quilting a couch quilt at the moment. Well, I am obviously taking a break and visiting your blog at the moment, ha ha ...

    Your little lime slice girl is adorable! I had started my grand daughter on some embroidery ...she's almost finished with her first round so I may head on over to that page and take a look later! :)

  5. Adorable stitchery! I have been planning to try a recipe for Lemon Basil Sorbet ... Little Lemon/Lime Slice standing next to the basil reminded me of it.

  6. Your basil looks wonderful. I grow it every summer along with oregano, chives and thyme. Love your little lime stitchery and the link is wonderful so many cute patterns.

  7. Does your rabbit fence work? (Mine doesn't). I have an herb garden and basil is one of my favs...especially on a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!

    Cute embroidery girl. I had a "fruity" quilt in mind for my next crazy quilt and she would look cute on it as a lemon, lime or orange!

  8. Darling little Stitchery!
    Your basil looks fabulous. Wishing you a wonderful garden harvest this year!

  9. your little lime slice is cute.
    and here's to growing a garden AND eating it too~!


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  11. Wish my basil looked that good. I don't think I'll be getting any pesto made from my plant this year.
    Glad you found a remedy to feeding the local wildlife! : )