Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Votes For Women Wednesday

Some progress on my Votes For Women block sampler. I was stuck on this block for a while trying to figure out how to sew it (without templates).

Here is Block #34 - Coffee Cup.

I finally decided to foundation piece the bottom half of the block on freezer paper. It worked out well, except that I couldn't get some of the angled background fabrics going the right direction. 

Quotes about It Is What It Is
I followed my guideline of making 3 "best effort" attempts, and then leaving it as is.. then I say to myself "I tried my best" and "it is what it is"! And move on!
There were such interesting things to think about in this post written by Barbara Brackman. Who makes the coffee/does the work, and who drinks the coffee/benefits from the efforts? It reminded me of the story of the Little Red Hen that I used to read to my kids.  

I also finished block #35 - "I'm an anti". 
Very easy block... took a fraction of the time that the coffee cup block required!


Sheila said...

Nice coffee cup and saucer block. Very tricky block. If I had a good pattern for a cup/mug and saucer block, an entire quilt top of colorful coffee cups would be cute.

Deb A said...

Very nice blocks! Your coffee cup came out great!

Kindred Quilts said...

I like your 3 "best effort" rule... great stategy! Love the movement in the "I'm an anti" block! Pretty fabrics!

Mary said...

I am glad to see you sewing. I would use my Block Magic books to make the cup block. 3rd try looks fine. Lol on the Little Red Hen.

Angie said...

I love paisley - therefore I am smitten with your coffee cup!