Wednesday, July 17, 2013

UFO Mid month report

One of the reasons that some of my quilts live in the UFO closet for a long time is because I am stalled on the borders. Sometimes I purchase specific border fabrics when beginning a quilt, and when the quilt top is almost finished, I discover that I don't like my original choices.  And sometimes the quilt decides it doesn't even want a border.
This is my July UFO for the 'Lovely Year of Finishes' project. It was a mystery quilt that I started a couple of years ago.
I still love the large print that I originally purchased for a border, but I didn't like the inner green border fabric that I bought (which I disliked so much I don't even have a photo of it to show you!) I debated about whether this quilt didn't want any borders, but it convinced me that it did need to be a bit bigger.  I decided the green could maybe become the binding, and then auditioned a ton of stash fabrics for an inner border. 
The final two choices are or gold. 
I decided on the gold because it really brightened up the whole quilt and flowed nicely into the border.
The black was dramatic, but drew too much attention to itself.

Now the borders are finally on and I like it! It's not a great photo, but you get the's a summery and fresh looking scrappy quilt.
Here is the pile of the quilt top, the batting, and the red backing...all ready to move on to the basting stage. I have two more weeks to do the basting, machine quilting and binding to meet my Lovely Year of Finishes goal for July. 


  1. Beautiful choice for the inner border fabric. And lovely backing!
    Cheering you on to the finish :)

  2. I concur!! Black was too much looks like it belongs!Good choice....

  3. I agree. Good choice. Love the red backing, too. My goodness. You are finishing up those UFO's this year. Go girl!

  4. It is a lovely finish for a lovely year of finishes. : )
    Good choices on borders.

  5. You can totally do it! It looks beautiful!

  6. It looks great! Way to finish one up!

  7. That is a very nice border fabric!! And this quilt top is now done & ready for quiltin'. Nice job----it does look light and colorful.

  8. I think the gold was perfect choice. Your quilt top looks great!

  9. The gold was an inspired choice, it looks great.