Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thread Organization

I just had to write my third blog post of the day!  I am house bound today since my puppy had surgery this week for an eye tumour, and I am chief canine nurse (don't all mothers end up being 100% responsible for the care of the dog that the children beg to get and promise to take care of!?!) In between dog duties, I am surfing quilt blogs, and doing some hand work (for tomorrow's Slow Stitching blogpost).
When visiting Connie's blog today, I saw the photos of her thread organization - click here to see her thread, and enjoy the eye candy on her quilty post. I discovered that there is a linky party at Sew Many Ways showing many wonderful ideas for thread storage. 
I am slightly very embarrassed to show you my "thread storage system"...
here it is!
I think I have a problem! I try to limit myself to buying no more thread than can fit in this bin. But I'd be a lot happier with any of the set ups I've seen on this linky party than this mess!
Here is where I store my thread snips - you don't throw yours away, do you?!?!
 And here is my sophisticated method of storing my empty spools of thread!
Now you should go and see how quilters properly store their thread - linky party is here.


  1. Hmm, should I be embarrassed to admit that I DO through my thread snips away, or should you be embarrassed to admit that you DON'T? : )
    I know you are not alone in saving those, but that is one thing I have no problem throwing away--snips or the spools!

  2. My thread looks like your, all in a bin. I collect all my thread snips, and the smallest fabric/batting scraps for a friend that makes animal beds for the local shelter. She uses it as filling.

  3. Firstly, hope your puppy makes and full and speedy recovery.
    Secondly, great fun to see everyone's thread organisation. Luckily I don't have enough thread stash to get in too much of a mess :)

  4. I bought a great cabinet at IKEA. The cabinet is 26 in high and 11 in wide. It has six small drawers, I used dividers to keep my colours organized. The cabinet fits almost any where, mine next to my sewing cabinet. Have fun!!!

  5. I hope your pup is recovering nicely. I had a dog go through eye surgery (removal) and it was so stressful. He was in lots of pain for about 4 days. Thread storage...I've been looking at the solutions people have posted on Sew Many Ways too...I am always looking for a better system.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Kathy. You know there is a link for the "snippits" too? They refer to it as an ORTS (Old Ragged Threads) jar and the link is to a TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-a-long). I'm not sure why I'm participating in it, but it is kind of a silly thing to do.

    Enjoy your week!

  7. Make-up purse-given away with free samples. I use this, especially when travelling, visiting, not being at home....... Just snip to place ORTS (Thanks Connie for meaning). Because do not want to leave "mess" anywhere because...
    Use them for stuffing pin cushions.. Also micro fabric cuts..

  8. Kathy I had to giggle when I saw your thread......mine used to look like that! I'm guilty of throwing away my thread snips but it is about all I throw out! I missed this post with all that was going on with my sewing machine, hope your puppy is okay!