Friday, July 06, 2012

Civil War Update

I didn't meet my goal of completing all the civil war blocks in June, but I am very close to finishing. I did sew two more blocks...

Block #48 is called "West Virginia". It had an unusual (to me) construction method, with 4 set-in seams. But miraculously it turned out OK, all things considered!
Block #49 is called "Yankee Puzzle".
There were very interesting historical photos shown on this block post. It should have been a very easy block to sew...just four QST. 
But nope...first I sewed it incorrectly, just for a little challenge!
That's better now!

There are 4 blocks left in the series. I have decided to skip blocks #51 and #53 just because I don't like them LOL
which means I have just two blocks left to sew!! 
Woohoo! I am hoping to post the whole collection next Monday. It feels great to be nearing the finish line!


Kate said...

Congrats on being so close to being done. Great blocks.

scraphappy said...

Excellent progress! Skipping the ugly blocks seems pretty fair. It is your quilt after all. Looking forward to the big reveal at the end.

audrey said...

The block with the 4 set in seams turned out wonderful! Glad you're nearing the finish, that always feels so good!

Janet O. said...

I avoid set-in seams. Your block looks so smooth and well matched. Good job.
Oops happens. : )
Can't wait to see the whole collection of blocks together!

Mary said...

Way to see that finish line! I am getting better at the "Y" seams. That doesn't mean I like them either.
The Civil War UFO is my #3 for Judy L this month...We'll see how many I choose to make.