Sunday, July 15, 2012

Slow Sunday Stitching #4

It's week #4 for the hand work link up and I am just loving it! I enjoy getting a cup of tea and reading all the posts that link up. Thanks to everyone who is participating!
A big thanks to Carrie who introduced me to an adorable stitchery project, and posted the link to get the free patterns. I hope to sew at least some of these blocks.
Last week Teresa  shared the view she enjoyed while working on her embroidery... what a great idea! Anyone else care to show us what you see while you enjoy some slow stitching?!?
This is my view...
a cold, refreshing fruit drink and my stitching! I'm not sure what else is going on around me when I'm in quilting heaven...with refreshments!
I was able to finish hand quilting another block of my "Quilter's Blessings" quilt.... "a more than 24 hour day". How many times have I wished for that?!?
I decided to quilt little triangles on the four sides of each stitchery, and am pleased with how it frames the blocks. There are 12 blocks in this quilt and I am making great progress with over half of them quilted now.
How are you coming along with your hand stitching project?
Link up your hand work blog post and you will be entered into the draw for this month's giveaway, which includes 4 fat quarters of the Sweet Shoppe fabric line, a Hera Marker (my new favorite tool), a few needle grabbers, and a sewing nail file.  So far we have about 34 entries from the first 3 hand work linky parties. (Blog postings that are not about hand work will be deleted from link lists). The giveaway draw will be held on July 31st and then we'll start a new draw for August...hope you can join the linky party!


  1. I have been slowly working on my hexies again after leaving them aging for about a year or so. I really want to get this finished.If I get a post written about it I will link up. Thanks for the link.

    I love your handstitching and quilting project. So pretty. I haven't handquiled for awhile. It is relaxing.

  2. I am loving your red work quilt, and the hand quilting you are doing on it. This linky party is a good idea. All the incentive help to get things finished is a good thing.

  3. Hello! Can a non-blogger link to your site? I've tried several times and have not been able to link or complete the 1. blank successfully?
    Thank You!

  4. Your hand quilting is working perfectly with your quilt blocks! Very lovely!

  5. Beautiful stitching--beautiful quilting. And a lovely idea--a more than 24 hour day. That would be wonderful!

  6. Your quilt is lovely! Thank you for the link to the stitchery project - I have bookmarked it.

  7. So much beautiful hand stitching work happening! I'm prepping some hand work this week and will join you next Sunday. woohoo!!!!

  8. so glad you like those little patterns. It is going to make a sweet quilt when I get done making all of them by clover and violet.
    Your hand quilting is so great. Love the view in your header. I will have to show what I see when I am sitting in my chair. Maybe next Sunday.

  9. The quilting looks great.