Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July to my American readers!
Did you know that there is a "Red, White and Blue" blog hop going on (music alert on this link...turn down your volume or you will scare yourself like I just did!) There are lots of great block and project ideas.
Here is one of my favorite red, white and blue quilts. It's very small (less than 5" square) but it is one of my favorite "garbage mini quilts" which I made from block trimming slivers given to me by my friend Marion.
You can see more details about how I made it on this blog post.
I thought I was brilliant to come up with this flag idea, however it has since been pointed out that I mixed up the colour placement, and that the blue should be in the top corner! Oops! 
But I had more blue bits than red!?!? 
You would think that I would remember how the flag looks from making this mini quilt 2 years ago! But nope! 
So there you have it! Should I call it "Almost Patriotic"? "Close, but no cigar"? "Failed Patriot"? 
Anyway, I am celebrating July 4th in the US this year with my sister...we went to see a concert last night put on by a fabulous performer!  Can you guess who?!?!  Hint...he is on the top ten list of "famous male singers that most women go crazy over"! Since many of the performers on this list are already dead, that should narrow it down!!


Janet O. said...

How about "Colorblind Patriot"? : )
Wow, you have me curious about the singer. Was it Michael Buble? Looking at the list I see most of them are departed.

Kate said...

I like your garabage mini quilt, even with the colors switched.

Happy 4th.

Amy said...

LOL... before following your Male Singer list link, I was thinking "Kenny Chesney!" ..... but clearly it must be Buble, otherwise you reallllly travelled to see the other artists :)

Thanks for linking back to how you created the "garbage block." I remember when you posted it last year, and even then I thought..."COOL!!! I gotta do that!" I even started saving all the 1/2" trimmings from my Smith Mountain Morning fabrics.