Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You can't do everything...

One of my Mom's favorite sayings:  You can "do it all", just not all at the same time!
I want to do it all in quiltland.
Almost everything I see is inspiring and wonderful, and I want to start everything. But I am trying to be more sensible about the projects I start these days because all my storage space is full of UFO's. I either need to buy a new house and sign up for the "Hoarders" show, or make some changes LOL!
This is the list of recent projects that I just couldn't do, even though in most cases I have a fabric plan all dreamed up...
Amy's Raven Stars quilt along
Thelma's Eventide quilt along
Lori's Midnight Stars Doll quilt along
Tea's Quiltmaker's 100 blocks sew along
Judy's National Quilt Day project
Lee's Supernova quilt along

One of my projects, the  Layer Cake Quilt Along is coming to an end.
I have recently made 2 more blocks. On the right is block #10 ("Fresh Flower") which ended up to be a strange /scrappy version of the posted pattern.
On the left is block #11 ("E-ccentric") which brings in more orange, which I think my project needs. I had to piece together some scraps to get the necessary pieces for this block too, but I think it is quite cool.
The last block pattern is now posted and the layout will be posted on Thursday, so you know what that means...this quilt will soon be finished (and by "finished", I mean a quilt top) and I can start a new project!


  1. This kind of talk just seems to get you into trouble! LOL! Cant wait to see what you start next.

  2. I have the same conundrum Kathy! I get inspired by everything and I want to do it ALL! It's hard to find a balance sometimes.

  3. I hear ya Kathy! I just made the 12th Layer cake block and am happy about it.

  4. I am glad to be ending the LC QAL too. I am trying to finish the others on my table. So I can start a batch of new ones too!

  5. Oh Kathy---I don't think there's a quilter ALIVE that can accept that you can't do it all at the same time! :0) There simply are too may FUN projects and patterns out there!

    I'm honored to have made your "I can't make it" list; I keep hoping that the magic time-remote control will be invented someday so that the "PAUSE" button can be pressed to have that magic time to do all we want to do :0)

  6. So true! I have enough quilt ideas and plans to last a lifetime....and then I see other quilter's work and I want to make those too. One lifetime is just not enough!

  7. I can so relate to this issue. I too want to do it all and have the UFO's to show for it. I am enjoying working and finishing some UFO's. Good luck!

  8. For the last year and a half I've been a good girl and have been cleaning up the UFOs. I'm almost there. I have this to do list of projects that appers never ending.

  9. I didn't get #11 done yet so I will be working on 11 & 12 this weekend. However, since I never can set my blocks like others it will be awhile until they become a quilt. I really like your block #10.

  10. Sometimes we need to be reminded we CANT do everything we want. Lately I've made just one block of something, then thought, "What am I doing?" I have more then enough projects to keep me busy.:)