Thursday, April 21, 2011

Novelty Fabrics

Pat Sloan has a new book out called "What a Novel Idea!" and is celebrating with a fun blog hop - click here to find out the details and leave comments for the chance to win a copy of her book.  It got me thinking about my novelty prints. I don't have a lot of them because I learned early on that I won't use them! They will sit in a box and once in a while I will visit them and then put them back in the box...what good is that?!?!
I pulled out a couple of my favorites to visit and to show you...
The older I get the more I love Maxine, and I have several pieces of Maxine fabrics. I plan to make aprons someday! (Yes, I do!)
I also love the Zits cartoon so if you see of that on fabric, let me know!

On the right is a Mary Engelbreit panel that someone gave to me and I plan to make pillows for my daughter and myself. (Yes, I will so!)

I love fabrics with words on them and have a small collection going. On the left are 2 of my favorites. (Pretty sure I won't use these fabrics, but they are so fun to visit!)

Here is a fabric collection I started last year...novelty prints for a quilt for my teenage son, who is an accomplished guitarist.  This is actually why I need this get some inspiration for putting these fabrics together in some kind of interesting design that would show them off and not be too busy/overwhelming.
So what I said at the beginning of the post about leaving comments on the blog hop to win Pat's book, forget I said that...don't leave any comments, so I have a better chance to win the book!! (*wink*)


Becky said...

My sons would love a quilt with guitars on it. Looking forward to seeing Pat's book, too. Good luck!

Jackie J said...

I remember when you bought the Paducah fabric. You should use it as a backing with the few fabrics you purchased when we were there!!!

AnnieO said...

I've acquired a few novelty prints but like you, don't use them much since it seems I mostly make quilts for adults! But the few younger age group peeps I've quilted for love those novelties. Hope you win the book!

Kate said...

Love your guitar prints. My Guy plays both electric and classical guitar. I have some guitar fabrics that I bought to make him a quilt. I'll have to check out Pat's book. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I made a pattern called"MOSIAC"for my daughter. It would show off the fabrics nicely.I love the novelty prints and have some too and visit them like you said. Never sure what to do with them either. Saw a new fabric in Quiltmaker magazine...muffintops, full of sayings for us (middle age)ouch quilters...ladies sitting around sipping martinis and hooray for the jiggly parts and learning to love the lovehandles...fabric by clothworks..very cute!!!
Northern Blog Stalker!!

Lori said...

What fun novelty fabrics!! Love the Blah, blah, blah! too funny..