Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Machine Quilting

I'm all about the quilting this week and trying to get some of these projects out of my "to-do" pile... oh yah, and trying to avoid the IOP!
I pin basted and started the "stitch in the ditch" quilting for the Arrowhead quilt, made from the Quiltmaker block pattern - click here.  I have no explanation for why this UFO has jumped the queue for quilting, since it is #9 on my UFO wish list and it's number has not been pulled just would not wait patiently for it's turn I guess!
I am using a varigated YLI for the top thread and "The Bottom Line" by Superior in the bobbin. The batting is Warm and Natural which is my favorite machine quilting batting,  and the combination of these threads, fabric, and batting is perfect. This is a photo of my Brother sewing machine... it is purring along happily!
However, I am also still working on my UFO from last month, which I wrote about last week (click here if you missed that frustration). My machine was not liking the combination I was trying to work with on my March UFO project.
I am taking to heart some of the suggestions that were left in yesterday's comments about tackling disagreeable tasks, and am trying Ann Marie's and Kate's ideas to tackle a few minutes of the project I am struggling with before I work on the project that is fun. I have all the bad quilting unpicked and am re-quilting the remaining blocks. I have the binding standing by, encouraging me to finish the quilt....I am so close to being done. And then I will work on the IOP and try Judy's suggestion of just making 1 block so she can see it :)


  1. I'm cheering for you to get these UFO's done!
    my fave batting is warm & natural too!

  2. I made 2 of those blocks. Someday I'll make more. I like the colors you chose.

  3. Isn't it funny how one project just seems to demand to be tackeled next? Good luck with tackling your disagreeable tasks.