Sunday, December 19, 2010

UFO reflections

If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you know I have a chronic UFO problem. I finish many quilts, but I start more than I finish, which means I accumulate piles, boxes and bags of UFO's. I posted a UFO list on the side of my blog this year which named 17 quilt projects I wished to make progress on. I am very happy with how that list has helped to keep these projects "on the radar" for me. The top 3 on that list are long term projects that I have made progress on but won't be finished in the foreseeable future.  I was able to finish 4 quilts on that list, which I am very proud of... I kept 2 of those quilts for use around my home, 1 quilt was donated to the guild comfort quilts project and 1 is a Christmas gift.
In addition to those efforts,  I have belonged to my guild's UFO group for many years, and this is the pile of quilts I showed on my blog in September which I took to the first UFO meeting of the season. Some of these are on my blog wish list and some are not. From this pile, I have finished two quilts - this one  which was given as a wedding present in the fall, and this one which I am giving to my Aunt for Christmas. So, if you are keeping track of all of this...that still leaves me with  a few hundreds of UFO's!
So, for 2011 I am doubling (tripling?) my efforts and am signing up for Judy's online UFO challenge group. Here's my list:
1. Kaleidoscope
2. Celebration 9 patch
3. Houses and trees
4. Quiltville mystery
5. Quilt-as-you-go project
7. Judy's June mystery
8. Carnival
9. Arrowhead
10. Basket wallhanging
11. Spiderweb
12. Garden Path
A couple of these are so old, they are from pre-blog (and pre-computer!) days, and I don't even have photos of them. #6 through #12 were started in 2010 so they aren't aged very well yet! I would be beyond delighted to get this list of quilts finished and out of my sewing room! Wish me luck in 2011!
If you want to join in the fun, click here to go to Judy's blog and sign up. Why not start your own blog and keep track of your quilting efforts in 2011?  (It's easy - click here.)


Debbie said...

I did just as you advised and started my own blog yesterday! So far so good...I was amazed at how easy it was to get started. I'm doing Judy's UFO challenge too...I think I'm up to 30 UFOs. And of course I can think of a couple I forgot to add to that list. It's just amazing how these projects multiply!

Gail said...

I'd like to know just how many UFOs you really have!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh Gail...I'm too scared to even go there!
Sometimes ignorance is bliss :)

Mary Lou Casada said...

I wouldn't call it a PROBLEM! LOL The last couple of years, on the first of January, I've made various lists of my projects -- UFO's, kits, wanna-do's, to-be-quilteds -- and 2010's had 49 projects JUST on the UFO's list. (It's not a problem; it's just that I'm a visionary! LOL) I finished 12 this year (and possibly three or four more, if I get to sew like I want to the next two weeks). That's progress! I, too, posted a list on my blog earlier this year after seeing your list (that's SUCH a good idea, so I stole it!! :-D) and it's help keep me grounded and not off in the clouds dreaming ALL the time! :-D Excellent job this year! And I'm off to check out Judy's challenge!
Mary Lou

julieQ said...

How fun, the frenzy of getting ready...your quilt will be just beautiful!

scraphappy said...

Great list. Good luck crossing some of them off in 2011. One step at a time, right?

Diane said...

good luck! It should be a fun year for us all!

Mary said...

YEA, Glad you joined all of us habitual UFO-ers... It should be a good year to get a few extra off those lists! One or two a month doesn't sound too hard to do.

Bonnie said...

Kathy -- re thread breakage. I love presencia and have had no problem with it in both long arm and domestic. Can't say more about it other than know it is cotton. And it has beautiful luster which is what I like. Have you tried a drop of silicon on the spool? Or a whole line of it? Or you might want to feel the thread path and see if there are any burrs along the path. A crocus(?) cloth will buff burrs out. Another thing that helps me is give up. And try the next day. It amazes me how often that solves my thread problems. Bizarre but what can you say. Good luck. B.

Dionne said...

Awesome progress. Perhaps I'll join the UFO challenge as well.