Sunday, December 05, 2010

Indian Orange Peel Plan (IOPP)

When you take on a big job, you need to have a plan. And the scarier the project, the more structure I will impose on myself in order to cope! LOL
So here's my plan for the IOP...
There are 120 arcs to be sewn in 16 weeks, which means I need to sew 7.5 arcs per week in order to be finished for the final layout class on March 19th. I have all the pattern pieces cut out now and clipped together in groups of 7.  (BTW...for an interesting read on the topic of fear and anxiety, click here to hop over to Libby's blog...very timely for me to read today!)
Back to the sewing of the arcs...
I had issues with scoring the sewing lines as we were instructed to do. My patterns started falling apart, so I'm not doing that anymore. I understand that it does make it easier to remove the foundation papers at the end, but I don't mind that part and am not worried about removing them, since I am using a small stitch length, a big needle, and will fold the pieces when trimming.
So here is my progress so far. By now I should have 7 blocks week into it, and I'm already 5 blocks behind! LOL
There is planning going on to have an Indian Orange Peel retreat at Jacqui's house (did I invite myself over or was I polite enough to wait for an invitation??) in January so hopefully many arcs will get made then. And I have my annual quilt retreat at the end of February, so that will give me lots of time to catch up also.
One of the issues that was holding me up is the fabric selection for each arc, so I have cut lots of 2" strips and am going to try to be more random... I'll let you know how that goes! Also with the fabric selection, these are the pieces that were suggested to be voted off of the project at the class because they are too "middleville" and because they are a mixture of warm/cool colours (each arc is to be made from one warm and one cool colour). However, I just can't let them go, so I'm going to use them selectively and am thinking about overpainting a couple of my favorites to make them darker.
I'm going to try to do weekly regular blog updates on my arc progress and see how my plan works out!


  1. Hi Kathy

    I only have two arcs done so far too. This will be hard to keep up with until Christmas is over...Then, we will have to do some power sewing. I like your organizational method though! I may copy it.

    Happy sewing


  2. I've always wanted to do this quilt, but was hesitant because of all the arcs. I'm going to be watching your progress reports! Have fun!

  3. I like plans!!!! I think you are going about it wonderfully, Kathy! It's a daunting pattern, one that is definitely on "the list" :-D -- and if the arcs you've already done are any indication, yours will be a stunner!! Hop to it, baby! You got this!!! :-D
    Mary Lou

  4. Great job getting started with the project. Sometimes, pulling fabrics and pepping for sewing is the longest parts. Enjoy your new quilt journey.

  5. Why are you in a hurry? Are you teaching a class in this? It will turn out beautiful!!

  6. Not teaching a class...taking a class, and part 2 of the class is in March. That's why I have a deadline!

  7. Deadlines are so good for motivation. Sounds like you have a reasonable plan, now all you have to do it follow the plan. It will be stunning when it all comes together.

  8. You have it planned for sure. 7 1/2 arcs per week. I don't think I leave 1/2 an arc so I bet you will do 8 per week at least.

  9. Oh WOW! I'm absolutely in AWE at the plan, and the pattern!
    Sending you all my motivation vibes to keep you going to meet your deadline :0)

  10. Thank you for the wonderful give away prize I won in the Fall into fall give away! You said they were swimming across the ocean, and I have been worried that they had drowned :) But today they finally arrived, sometimes the mail goes very slow, as long as it arrives all is well.
    I am so happy for them all!