Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end of the year

I am remembering now why I rarely go to New Year's Eve the end of the year, I am partied out. I am so run down from all the Christmas festivities that by New Year's Eve, I can only stay in my PJ's and watch movies. All of the cooking, shopping, wrapping, baking, travelling, and visiting is wonderful, and I enjoy every minute, but the lack of enough sleep, plus too much activity/excitement eventually catches up to me.
I had a wonderful Christmas and managed to see ALL the relatives on my side of the family and my husband's within 4 days! Phew! That's a lot of chatting and germ exchange right there!  So far, my family has not come down with any of the flu and cold viruses that were going around at these events!
These are the quilty gifts that Santa brought me... a gift certificate for guilt-free shopping at a local quilt store, Tonya's new book (which I can't wait to spend time finally arrived today and I haven't even peeked inside yet!), a magazine, and a new rotary cutting mat. Santa also has the elves working on a quilt ladder for me...they haven't finished it yet, but I look forward to receiving that in the new year.
Tomorrow is my self-declared quilting day...I can hardly wait. Pat Sloan is hosting a New Year's Eve party if you want to join in on that. I don't like to waste my quilting time with all the twitter, facebook, and emailing stuff that is involved... I'll just be here sewing on whatever I feel like working on (once I get the pre-Christmas quilting frenzy mess all cleaned up...sheesh, it looks like a bomb went off in this place!) I briefly considered starting this new mystery quilt on New Year's Day, but am trying not to start off the new year violating the resolutions I will make on that very same day :) I can't promise I will be able to resist, because I am addicted to starting new quilts, and this one is such a small project, and I'd be able to make it totally from stash....hmmm....


Amy said...

"That's a lot of chatting and germ exchange right there! "

That's HA-LARIOUS and SO TRUE! LOL. I don't think we've had a year in the past 10 where SOMEONE wasn't sick!

I am resisting going to the mystery link you included because I have enough other temptations lingering over me for tomorrow! ;0)

Enjoy ringing in the New Year!

Zlaty said...

Happy New year!

I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy your new quilting book and magazines!

Louise said...

I feel the need to relax too, not that there are any wild parties in my neck of the woods!
I was tempted with a New Year's Day mystery too, but have way too many UFOs.
Happy New Year!

Karen said...

We gave up going out on New Year's Eve years ago. I would rather stay home and sew and be safe.

Kate said...

Christmas is such hard work, that we always just relax on New Year's. Great gifts! Hope you get a chance to enjoy them this weekend. I looked at the one day mystery quilt too, but based on the title, didn't think I'd like the finished quilt, so I'll work on something else. Have a happy New Year however you end up spending it!

Diane said...

Happy New Year-I don't know if I'll make it to midnight tho! Enjoy your sewing time. I'm trying very hard to not start anything new too! I've had 3 close calls but am trying to stay focused...I do have to pick something for a new L/E project-- now I feel guilty using the little scrap piece for a leader/ender when I should be sewing squares or something....IS THAT CRAZY!!!!