Friday, December 10, 2010

Stay At Home Robin - Step #5

This is my "Stay At Home Robin" project after step #5, which I added across the top. This addition doesn't have any circles on it, since my temper tantrum from using the Cut-A-round ruler last weekend resulted in the decision to be "circle free" for this step! I did not intend for the black fabric to be emerging from the half circle in the middle, but I kind of like how that turned out. It's a very weird looking thing, but I must say that I am enjoying how different the process is from the way I make most quilt projects. The next step will be 2 blocks added to the left side, but I must put this project in it's box until 2011, because Christmas preparations are underway. 
 I have one more project to update tomorrow and then Santa will be in full production in her quilty workshop making Christmas gifts. And here is Santa's little elf...she is beyond adorable!


AnnieO said...

The SAHR quilt is shaping up (insert groan here). Thanks for sharing!

Plum Cox said...

I hadn't realised that we were working with such similar colours.....I think that I might have to 'borrow' your circles ideas for one or two of my next blocks, although mine migh have to be designed to be wonky, of course! Looking lovely - and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do on it next!