Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Challenge beginning

I admit that I am powerless and weak and unable to resist a quilt challenge. This coming weekend is my guild's 4th quilt show and I have participated in the challenge for each show. This challenge piece started with a piece of freezer paper and my garbage pail, which was the exact size of the miniature category size limitation...I have very complex design tools! I traced a plastic lid and a plate to make 3 rings. And then I folded the circle into lots of sections. Here is a shot of the 2 challenge fabrics and my finished pattern. I decided to only use the warm colours of the challenge fabric and eliminated the blue, green and purple sections. 
Then I started the piecing. I started with the smaller flying geese ring and it was fun, fun, fun! I got a lot of use out of my Clover mini iron which I really like for piecing minis. You can get a sense of the scale of the pieces in this photo. I was able to use up a lot of tiny scraps.
Next step was piecing the inner circle, which I had cut into 2 parts. It was tiny and frustrating and I was unable to get the 2 halves pieced together and laying flat. What's a quilter to do but cut a hole in the centre?!? Then it layed flat but I had created another problem for myself which I decided I would figure out at the end.Then I pieced the outside ring and hand pieced the 3 rings together. Tune in tomorrow to find out how I fixed the hole in the centre!


  1. And the comments written on the back of the freezer paper look like BOOOOO. Cool FG in a circle. Paper Piecing - not my favorite. I'll have to dig out my clover iron to see if it makes it easier.

  2. Awesome! I love the happy colors! Challenges are great - I don't think that I would ever break out of my usual pattern, otherwise...

  3. OMG! I love that ring of flying geese, those colours are the best......and what did you say?......... I have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story?
    Well Okay, If I HAVE to.

  4. THis is looking good....I am impressed that you drew those geese in't wait to see the finished project.