Thursday, October 01, 2009

Challenge Finish

Once the 3 rings were pieced together, I machine quilted every other seam line from the centre to the outside. Then I realized that with the seam allowance on the outside plus the binding it would make the quilt too large for it's category...oh no!
 So I had to turn the seam allowances under and bead the edge, which also meant unstitching the quilting and requilting. That was definately  a low point in the process! It was very challenging to keep the curve on the edge and I don't think it looks nearly as cool as with the jazzy striped binding fabric I had chosen...however the size was correct.

The next problem was the hole in the middle. I decided to applique a little yellow circle over the hole, sewed on a red button and then beaded over top of the hole...problem solved. I ended up really liking the centre and I think it actually looks like I meant to do it that way, so don't tell anyone!

Then I beaded the seam intersections and the flying geese points just to give it a little more sparkle evenly around the quilt. Then came the label, for which you need a title. I asked my family what they thought I should call it and my creative son named it  "The Internal Sun", which I think is a perfect name!

The theme for the challenge was "What makes me smile" and when submitting the quilt, you had to describe how your quilt relates to the theme. This is what I wrote:

“The Internal Sun”

What Makes Me Smile…

Hours of dreaming & creating
Hours of selecting colours
Hours of sorting scraps
Hours of drafting a pattern
Hours of cutting fabric
Hours of paper piecing
Hours of hand piecing the rings together
Hours of machine quilting
Hours of hand beading

Every minute spent in total bliss.

Quilting makes me smile.


Mary-Kay said...

Wow! I really love your challenge piece. You hit the nail on the head, "Quilting Makes Me Smile". You had better win 1st place.

Dresden Quilter said...

It is a gorgeous quilt. Thank you for taking us through the process of how you made it. It is making me smile right now!

Mary said...

Looks like a bit of big sunshine. Makes you smile especially now that it is DONE!

Maya Madhavan said...

That is a gorgeous piece of work Kathy! You made it sound so easy but I would think a zillion times before I even considered trying something like it. Great recovery on the 'binding would make it too large' issue - the beading makes it look even more unique. I love the write up too. I am hoping you win the challenge - good luck!

Jean said...

I love did a wonderful job. How big is it? I can't believe the work you put into this. It is awesome.

Gina said...

It's fabulous and I love the explanation you wrote with it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Andrea said...

It is spectacular - I would never comtemplate something like this. Fingers crossed for a good result xxx

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love it and think you've done a fantastic piece. It makes me smile, too. :)

Libby said...

What a fabulous piece!

Rose Marie said...

A stunning mini and I just love the beadwork throughout. Your write-up says it all!