Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buzz Saw finished

Another finish?!? What is going on? Am I ill? Should I see a Doctor?

Now don't go worrying about me...I am thinking of starting another new quilt, so I'm not that far gone! Check out Judy's new "Quilt for an Hour" project - click here.  Doesn't that look like fun? My mind is mulling over my stash and trying to figure out how to make this quilt without buying a single bit of fabric. 
Just like I did with my Buzz Saw quilt, which was made completely from stash fabric. What a great feeling! I started this quilt at retreat in February because I wanted to have a new project cut and ready to sew. You can read about it here.  I finally got around to finishing it. I was held up on the borders, unsure of what I liked best. Finally I just decided to go for the plain border and just started quilting. I was great fun and here is a quilted block...curly swirlies on the light fabric and I left the pinks alone. I might decide to go back to this quilt later and quilt those blocks, but for now I left them.

Blogger is giving me a headache about loading photos tonight so I'll try to put in one of the backing, which was also pieced from stash leftovers. If this photo enlarges you might be able to see the's hard to say what will happen with the way Blogger is acting up tonight. Maybe all the quilters are staying up late and writing new can only wish! 


Quilt Rat said...

Wow...another one? You are on a roll.
The quilting looks great.
Love those feathers in the border

Maya Madhavan said...

That is a gorgeous quilt and the quilting is delicious! The teal and red combination is really growing on me. I have to make one for myself - sometime! :)