Friday, March 09, 2007

Sewing scraps

Last year I took this photo while visiting my quilting friend Judy. She is a prolific and talented quilter, but she doesn't love scraps like I do, so she generously shares them with me. We had a fun afternoon sorting through her scrap basket. Isn't this a wonderful looking pile?!? I must admit to having received quite a few wonderful scrap bags from this friend. But now it is catching up with me. My desire to have the fabric has outgrown my space to store it, and this has motivated me to get working on some scrap projects.
One of these projects is a "quilt-as-you-go" scrap quilt, with purple fabrics for the backing, and on the front, half the block is light and half is dark scraps. I started working on it at the quilt retreat (see March 2nd entry for a photo of some of the blocks) and I have had a hard time putting it away since then. Every night this week, when I had a bit of time to sew, I have been working on these blocks. I now have 30 blocks trimmed and ready to sew together, which is not nearly enough to make a decent size quilt. I am enjoying working on it however, I must put it away as I have some other projects for which I have deadlines looming, and really have to get to work on those.


swooze aka Suzette said...

Welcome to the stashbuster webring! Can't wait to see your finishes!

swooze aka Suzette said...
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swooze aka Suzette said...

I just looked at your bio. You mention Elmira. Is that NY?

Kathy Wagner said...'s Elmira, in Ontario, Canada!

Jennie said...

Love your string blocks. How are you going to go about putting them together?

Kathy Wagner said...

Thanks Jennie!
If you read through my lengthy post on March 2nd, right at the end is the layout that most of the retreat group preferred. So I think I'll go with that layout idea, and put the sashing on while I watch TV in the evenings.