Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finished Mystery

I have finally finished my small mystery quilt from the Quiltaholics website. I decided that I wasn't going to bed until I had it was finished. And when I say "finished", you know I mean only the quilt top...not the entire quilt, with quilting and binding, right??? It was lots of fun to sew because Deb writes her mysteries in such a way that you can't figure it out until the last step what you are making. I think she is calling this design "motion". I am not loving the orange fabric as I think it jumps out too much, but I really loved those green and blue fabrics. I might have to buy more of those! The dark dots gave me some trouble, but it all worked out okay in the end.
Oh no...I spotted a mistake! Are you kidding me?!?! Yep....that's a mistake! I don't believe it! Well...I'm still calling it "finished" even though I'll have to fix it tomorrow....UGH!
And I am way behind on the medium size, but this is what the blocks look like. I like how the colours are working together, but I'm for sure not going to make the small 4 patch border for this size. It was very fiddley and this fabric isn't as stable as the batiks, so I'm going to make a plain border and use those 4 patches that I have already sewn for something else.
Thanks to Deb Kaffunger for all the great mysteries she has written. I think I have sewn 8 of her designs so far, 5 are finished (as in quilted and bound) and 3 are UFO's. Mostly I find I stop at the border stage if I don't do it on the mystery quilt weekend....that's the job I like the least.
That was a fun weekend! Now I better get focused because it's a very busy week ahead...4 quilt classes to teach, 3 12 hour on call shifts, one 4 hour meeting (about a new prophylactic HIV program we are starting...I'll have to really use all my brain cells to remember this new complex protocol), and one class to teach at the university (non-quilting = non-fun).


Nancy said...

Oh I like this! And the orange is great in it. I do see your mistake but only after you pointed it out. I'd leave it alone. But that's me. I have trouble enough finishing up my UFOs without re-doing them!

swooze said...

Very pretty! Is the error in the position of the 4 patch in the center top? You can't tell it is "wrong".

Sweet P said...

I agree with Nancy . . . the orange is great in the quilt. I still can't find the mistake. I'll have to look harder.

Jennie said...

I admire all of you who do mystery quilts. Yours are great! I am always afraid I won't be happy with the finished product. Just not adventuresome enough, I suppose.