Monday, March 26, 2007

Paper Piecing Class

Last week was a hectic and busy week for me, and I am looking forward to a more relaxed pace in the week ahead. Saturday morning I taught a quilt class that had been postponed from earlier in the month when the weather was so bad (snow, ice, roads closed) that we couldn't get in/out of town. It was fitting that our project had a wintery theme...snowmen! We were using the pattern by Wendy Vosters - with her permission. Here are three of the students with their first block - Susan, Sylvia, and Karen. Next month they will bring back their finished quilt tops, so I will post a photo in April.
In the afternoon was more paper piecing, using one of the books by Carol Doak, a pioneer in this technique. I forgot to take a photo in all the excitement, but I will try to remember next month.
Today I am hoping to have some time to finish up the borders on my second mystery quilt, and to work on another abstract theme mini.


Happy Valley Quilter said...

I have to admit that my brain has never been able to grasp the paper piecing concept. I haven't given up completely; I give it a try every now and again.

Jeanne said...

Wish I could have been in your class! The snowmen are adorable - even in April.