Thursday, March 29, 2007

Running around the ring!

This afternoon I was having a cup of tea and "running around the ring", as I like to call it. It's the only aerobic exercise I might call it "virtual exercise"!! I go through all the Stashbuster sites, clicking on "next" at each site, and reading all the new postings. (And for all you Stashbuster bloggers, it would make it quicker for us to run around the ring, if you put your Stashbuster link near the top of your blog, so we don't have to scroll up and down looking for it!)
This is a whole new past time that I really enjoy. However, today, while "exercising", I almost forgot to pick up my son after school! I think I better keep my "running around the ring" activities to late at night when the only thing I could be late for... is sleeping!
The weather here is improving slowly and I took this photo yesterday of the neighbour's crocuses (or should I say crocusi??)that are struggling to survive in this cold, but snow-free (at the moment) environment. Surely spring is right around the corner!?! One of the good things that happened this week is that a friend of mine (Judy) was reading my blog (from Feb. 22) and was inspired to get out her scrap basket and start a new project. Not only did she start a scrap quilt, she actually finished this quilt and then sent me two photos. She didn't use the connecting corners technique, but instead designed her own paper piecing pattern, and made a larger block size...and here is her beautiful quilt! On the right is a close up where you can see her incredible quilting. And, also good news is that blogging has improved my computer skills to the point that I could receive her emailed photos, change them from bitmaps to jpegs (and I even know what that means!!), resize and post them to my blog...I impress myself!


Meredith said...

I am making my way around the ring when I started it was light out. Lol. I do enjoy your blog. Judy's background fabric ffor her quilt is perfect.

Sweet P said...

Yes, sometimes we can get carried away reading blogs. I've learned to allot myself so much time for reading and commenting and when that time is up, that's it for the day.

I love the colors in Judy's quilt. Great job!

Nicole & Phil said...

This is a lovely looking quilt! i am trying really hard to use my batik stash at the moment, and I really like what you have done with this one!
I have done this block before, and it is so effective, and so easy to stitch up!