Friday, March 16, 2007

National Quilting Day

Did you know that Saturday is National Quilting Day? It is also St. Patrick's Day, which is a big celebration at our house. For supper I am making green pasta, ceasar salad, and green cake for dessert. Other foods I had made over the years include green mashed potatoes, asparagus soup, and chicken chili with lots of green food colouring. There is something very appealing to my children about eating an entire green meal!
And because it is National Quilting Day I am treating myself to a relaxing day of sewing the new mystery quilt at Quiltaholics. In honour of St. Patrick I am including one green fabric! On the right are the batik fabrics I have picked out for a small sized quilt for myself. I purchased only the bright blue and the orange fabrics, to go with the dots, the yellow and the lime green from my stash. I will piece the binding and backing from whatever is left over after sewing the quilt top.
I also had to buy these beautiful threads for the quilting. This is my favorite quilting thread at the moment... Premium Sulky 30wt. It goes through my machine like butter, and comes in wonderful varigated colours.
And on the left are the fabrics that I have selected from the quilt guild's donated fabrics, which I will make into a charity quilt for the Pediatric Sexual Assault Unit at the hospital. I am making this in the medium size but two of the pieces are a little less than the required amounts, so I really have to be careful not to make any mistakes. I may end up piecing some bits to make all the units...we'll have to see how it goes. The pink fabric is a huge piece and will probably be enough for the backing and binding too.
I have oiled my sewing machine, wound up some bobbins and cleared off the cutting table. I have all the pieces cut out and can't wait for tomorrow morning!

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Greenmare said...

Welcome Kathy! This is a great ring!
I love your bright colors, and the green is gorgeous!