Monday, December 26, 2022

Post Christmas Happenings

It's the day after Christmas and all through the house, the kids are still sleeping ...and the Mom is up early doing dishes, cooking food and cleaning up the house. Magical Christmas memories are created by Moms who love their family and work hard to make it all happen! 

We had quite a snow storm just before Christmas, but the kids were able to get here for Christmas Eve and we had a wonderful celebration together 💖

I didn't get many hand made Christmas gifts finished this year. I did make a few more quilted bowl cozies. Click here to see the pattern I use. Can you believe that Len's Mill (the big junk/fabric store in Ontario) did not have any hockey themed fabric the week before Christmas? 

Oh well, I got a Canadiana fabric and it worked fine for the men's gifts.

I had hoped to give a cross stitched gift to my son but it was too hard, and I just couldn't get it finished. There was a bleeding incident that caused me to throw in the towel on this one! I didn't realize I had poked my finger until the floss started coming up red! There is more blood on the back so I'm not sure if this will be abandoned or not?!? The weird thing about this is I didn't feel a thing and had no idea my finger was really bleeding. I guess that is a job hazard of hand stitchers?

On the design wall today is my first block for part #5 of the Quiltville mystery that was posted on Friday. I will have lots of time to sew this week once the Christmas chaos is sorted out, and many more of these scrappy blocks will be made!

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So glad your kids made it for Christmas Eve and you had a great time with them! I've had that happen with the sudden appearance of blood without realizing you've done anything when I'm stitching, too. It's frustrating! The BH blocks look wonderful with your scrappy lights, mediums, and darks!

Unknown said...

Try using a bit of your own saliva to remove the blood from the thread and back of your work. As a hand-quilter, I use this tip quite frequently. It works.
Bertha Mallard

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad the snow didn't prevent your holiday celebrating

Janet O. said...

The Meme and your intro are both SO true!
Great bowl cozies.
That is crazy that you didn't feel the prick that brought on the blood.
Love those mystery blocks. Your fabric choices make them really interesting!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

After Christmas chores can be quite hefty. I hope you got all of them done. Your scrap blocks are looking fabulous, Kathy. So cute.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

I would loved to have had a bit of snow, all we got was bitter cold. Love your bowl cozies, I keep saying I need to make a few of those. Happy New Year!

Deb A said...

So true about Mom's. Glad your kids were able to make it home for Christmas. Yes, I had that bleeding happen while quilting my bear paw quilt. I caught it in time and saliva really does work! Hope you have a relaxing last week of 2022.

AnnieO said...

No snow here, not even on our local mountains, but luckily there has been RAIN in dry, dry SoCalif. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with family, and plenty of stitching time to come. I've stabbed myself and bled before while stitching, but never like that!

Mary said...

So true, way too many late nights for me and none of our kids came home. We met and gifted 3 of their families on the Day after. The rest were mailed or gifted Wednesday. So good to have a restful couple of nights before The New Year. It will be a Quiet one for us. Great Mystery block parts. I have one block sewn so far. Not quite ready for the next part tomorrow. Oh well.

Kate said...

Glad everyone was able to make it for your holiday celebration. We didn't have it nearly as bad here, but it was definitely cold. Looking forward to seeing more of your Chilhowie blocks. I'm behind too so you are in good company.